FoRP Monthly Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 27th June 2012


Peter Gay    Peter Bell   Jack Jennings   Jean Duncan   John Potter   George Hedge    Rachael Chew   Beverley Chew   Mary Cashmore   Annie Hepburn  



Clare Goodwin   Andrew Jennings   David Pears    Lyn Freeman                       Christine Jennings   Colin Greetham    Pauline Manfield   Peter Turner  


 Jack Jennings welcomed members this the June meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their hospitality.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd May 2012:

Beverley Chew proposed and Rachael Chew seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £1,191.59.  The Chairman submitted two invoices for tree ties at £24.96.

Matters Arising:

Projects: The ‘Royal Oak’ is being cared for until a suitable location and timing is agreed.

The “Pink Dandelions” have bloomed. (Appendix ‘A’).  George Hedge will harvest seeds where possible and the donor of the original seeds has asked if we can supply some of ours in return!

The yellow rattle in all meadows has begun to flower.

Sponsored trees that suffered wind damage have been tied and staked.  A letter from BTFL attached, donating £100 in recognition of our support and assistance.        (Appendix ‘B’)

Danny Squires has agreed to provide instruction on coppicing of the millennium wood this autumn.  Although he had said the previous bat walk had showed no evidence of bats this was hotly disputed during the Jubilee celebrations in Rectory Park Avenue, where guests were delighted by the consistent presence of these animals.


SUFC are holding a Charity Football Match on 21st July in support of the Norman Laud Association.  Parking is at St Chads, SUFC and John Willmott School.   Should be a good event if the weather is kind and any support is welcome.

The CPM has been asked for a waste bin on the top field, which is still awaited.

The blocked drain adjacent to the entrance to SCCHC is still blocked and requires clearing to prevent further flooding.  CPM informed.

Discussions then included the manner of grass cutting that was not consistent.   The CPM would be asked for guidance on cutting the grass around the sponsored tree area.   SCCHC would provide the mower for a donation to cover petrol costs.

During further discussions members felt that perhaps FoRP should be more assertive in reporting various matters and that a change in the wording of our constitution would assist in this connection.  

The CPM said that the QEII plate could be repositioned if required as comments from park visitors had suggested it was badly sited. 

The Chairman suggested the installation of a Jubilee Plinth constructed from engineering bricks of various colours might be a substantive reminder of the event.  He showed a possible design and asked members to consider it and report back at the next meeting with any thoughts and comments.   It was agreed that local schoolchildren could incorporate a time capsule in the plinth.  Members agreed that FoRP would raise half the cost of about £1000 and that Community Chest or BCC should be approached for the remainder. 

Comments have been received from members of the public that whilst the park is improving in general terms the children’s play area equipment looks tired.  The CPM will be asked for possible resolution.

SUFC proposed installing a pathway around the pitch to facilitate better access to the improved dugouts.  This would be similar in construction and appearance to the cycle pathway and therefore blend in. The installation of grid matting to the front of the dugouts to prevent mud damage during the playing season was intended. Members agreed that both these suggestions in principal would enhance the pitch area.  FoRP members would like to see plans and dimensions of the proposed improvements before endorsing these ideas perhaps by the next meeting.   CPM comments would be welcomed.  

The FoRP website should be included on the flyer proposed for the Falcon Lodge event.

Members discussed the future possibility of some form of refreshment venue being installed and would bring ideas forward at the next meeting.

Members also highlighted comments from other park users in connection with the perception that toilet facilities in the park were either inadequate or not available, being mindful of the apparent expensive refurbishment of the last year or so.

The CPM would be invited to attend the next meeting.



Date of next Meeting:  Wednesday 18th July 2012.  SUFC 7pm.

The meeting closed at 2030 hours.