Minutes - 26 September 2012

Friends of Rectory Park

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 26th September 2012


Peter Gay    David Pears   Jack Jennings   Graham Lennard   John Potter   George Hedge    Rachael Chew   Peter Turner   Lyn Freeman   Christine Jennings   Mike Long   John Porter   John Doherty


Clare Goodwin    Andrew Jennings    Pauline Manfield    Peter Bell   Jean Duncan    Mary Cashmore    Colin Greetham   Annie Hepburn                         


 Jack Jennings welcomed members to the September meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their hospitality.  He also thanked Councilor Pears, John Porter DPM and Graham Lennard BCC and John Doherty (Atkins) for their attendance.

Extension to the Cycle pathway  

Graham Lennard explained that the final route of the extension had been decided upon that would reflect the plans produced at the last meeting.   He said that together with Atkins Engineers all aspects of both options had been examined carefully.  The paramount consideration was one of safety for pedestrians and cyclists on both possible routes.   Pedestrians and cyclists were already a presence in the Hollyfield Road car park and car speeds were necessarily low.  The car park was lightly used during the course of a week.   There might be a slight visibility issue but the installation of additional convex sighting mirrors would assist this possibility at the far corner of the car park.  The proposed staggered barriers at the Hollyfield Road entrance would create a chicane requiring cyclists to reduce to walking pace or dismount to enter or exit the park.   A new pedestrian crossing would be created slightly to the left of the car park when exiting, and cross Hollyfield Road to enable the route to progress into St Chads Road and onto Falcon Lodge.  A pedestrian crossing survey has been completed and results showed a greater flow of pedestrians by Hollyfield Road entrance compared to Hollyfield Drive by a margin of 2 to 1.   A consultation with local residents would now be undertaken.

Graham Lennard undertook to send a letter to Sutton United Football Club confirming that they would have no future liability for any maintenance to the cycle pathway as it converged with the leased club area.

The Chairman thanked Graham and John for attending this meeting and the description of the planned route including the engineering and safety considerations behind the final direction of the route.  


Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th July 2012:

Peter Turner proposed and David Pears seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Projects: Rachael Chew reported that the website would be updated shortly. Rachael asked for any new pictures from members to be forwarded to her for inclusion.

Councilor Pears informed members of a reply to his letter to St James’s Palace in which he outline the progress made in Rectory Park and the award of QEII status which both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are supporting. 

If the visit became a reality, then the proposed QEII memorial brick plinth and the planting of the ‘Royal Oak’ by the Duke and Duchess would provide a perfect opening ceremony. 


Date of next Meeting:  Wednesday 17th October 2012.  SUFC 7pm.

The meeting closed at 2005 hour