Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 25th May 2011


Peter Gay Peter Bell Jack Jennings Jean Duncan Pauline Manfield Linda Lord Beverley Chew Rachel Chew Christine Jennings Rupert Johnson


Mary Cashmore Clare Goodwin Peter Turner John Potter Linda Southall

Annie Hepburn


Jack Jennings welcomed members to the May meeting and thanked Sutton Coldfield Cricket Club for their hospitality and use of their facilities.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 20th April 2011:

Peter Bell proposed and Jean Duncan seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Secretary reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that a further £750 was awaited from the Community Chest Fund. The current bank balance stood at £1,739.11, that included a £50.00 donation from Hollyfield School. Letters had been sent to Sutton Coldfield businesses with little response in support of the Group. The Treasurer would make contact with local Reddicap Trading Estate firms in an effort to gain their interest.

Matters Arising:

Dry Pond: Rupert Johnson from the Community Environmental Trust was welcomed to the meeting and thanked for his input concerning the Dry Pond project. He advised the group in detail upon all aspects of the project and indicated his willingness to assist further after we had considered all the salient points. Members of the group had visited the site at Castle Vale and were able to understand better the possibilities and technicalities associated with the pond.


Site Facility for Older Children: Ongoing. Projects in other areas seen by members indicate a wide possibility of options and costs.


Press Coverage: The CPM had asked if anybody could assist in providing a mini-skip on loan in which cuttings could be disposed of. It was suggested a diary should be created that would record all the activities of the park as future historical document. It was agreed that the website would be an ideal place for this and anything thought relevant should be forwarded to Rachel as our Webmaster to enter on the site. The Sutton news would be photographing the Meadow at 1130 on Thursday 26th, any members able to attend would be appreciated.


Contractors Funding: Two smaller litterbins are installed with a further one awaited. It was agreed after discussion that perhaps two more should be installed adjacent to SUFC.


Additional Benches & Picnic Tables:

Goodwin builders are undertaking construction and installation of the benches and picnic tables with a new date of early June for completion.


Any Other Business


  1. The website is being gradually updated and improved by Rachel Chew and Rachel was thanked for her efforts in presenting a much improved and attractive site, that would prove useful to both members and the public as it continues to expand in capability.


  1. The Cycle Pathway was subject to a meeting this date and Chairman Jack Jennings reported that Graham Lennard, Sustrans representative, outlined the choices and possibilities for extending this national project. The route would extend from the existing pathway through to an exit at Hollyfield Road and/or through Hollyfield Drive. Consideration would have to be given to crossing installation on Hollyfield Road and also the opinions of residents in Hollyfield Drive concerning parking difficulties.


  1. The Flower Meadow was subject a meeting with the CPM who agreed that it was looking very good despite a hard winter. Small test areas have been excavated for plant testing and the Yellow Rattle and Buttercups are in abundance.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


Date of Next Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 22nd June 2011 at SUFC. (Subject to confirmation)