Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 21st September 2011


Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 21st September 2011




Peter Gay David Pears Jack Jennings Jean Duncan Pauline Manfield Beverley Chew Rachael Chew Annie Hepburn John Potter Peter Bell Linda Lord Colin Madge Mary Cashmore Linda Southall





Claire Goodwin Peter Turner Lyn Freeman Christine Jennings Jean Duncan





Jack Jennings welcomed members to the September meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for the use of their facilities.



Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st June 2011:


Peter Bell proposed and Beverley Chew seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.



Treasurer’s Report


Annie Hepburn reported and that a further £750 had been received from the Community Chest Fund. The current bank balance stood at £2,484.11. Further Letters had been sent to Sutton Coldfield businesses with little response in support of the Group. £50 had been received from Hollyfield School.



Matters Arising:


Site Facility for Older Children: Ongoing. Members had been circulated with the full details and costs applicable to the installation of an outdoor gym. The quotation can be scaled to requirement but outline cost for full implementation of ten items of equipment would be just under £20,000.00. A show of hands confirmed agreement to the further pursuance of the project with one abstention. Various sources of possible funding were discussed and although the project was a more of a long-term goal, the group committed to doing something toward achieving success. All members are encouraged to come forward with funding ideas or contacts that could be useful. The Secretary will collate responses.



Contractors Funding: Two litterbins are awaited. The CPM is obtaining these as one previously installed bin had been stolen.



Additional Benches & Picnic Tables:



Goodwin builders constructed and installed additional benches and picnic tables. The thanks of the group are extended to Jimmy Goodwin and his staff for their many kindnesses in achieving the pleasing results we see from the summer activities. Once again, compliments and comments made by members of the public upon the quality of the bench seats and picnic tables have been expressed. This now concludes the provision of benches at the end of a very rewarding project. Our thanks to all involved including the Community Chest grants which greatly assisted the project. Members are reminded that several benches still require sponsorship and are asked to actively pursue this where possible.



Flower Meadow:


Peter Bell reported upon the flower meadow project. Much work has been carried out in preparation for the 27th September, when Hollyfield School year 5 pupils will attend meadow No: 1, to seed selected plots with the flowers described in his previously circulated document. All members who can attend on the 27th to assist will be welcome.


After cutting meadow 1 and harrowing (harrowing carried out free of charges of £80 by BCC. Out thanks to CPM Porter and Chris Silk) we now have meadows 2 & 3 allocated adding considerable potential and a good deal of work! These projects are not short term gardening but land management and we are taking full professional advice from CPM Porter which is assisting improving these areas of the park where not much happened previously.


Any questions concerning this matter should be referred directly to Peter Bell, Project Lead, who will update members as the project proceeds.



Emergency Services Access:


A discussion followed on recent events connected with emergency service vehicular access at all entrances to the park. Park signing was perhaps not clear or comprehensive enough and contact will be made through BCC Sports & Social Department to see if improvements can be made.



Pond Project:


Ongoing. The winter months will afford better opportunity to gradually improve this feature with members encouraged to assist when possible.



Privileged Parking:


Parking arrangements at SCCHC were discussed. A reply from the Club is awaited.



Press & Website:


The website is now very professional and continuously updated. All members are encouraged to forward any matters they consider of interest, especially photographs, either to the Secretary or Webmaster Rachael Chew for inclusion. It is our website and everyone is free to add to the interest it provokes. We are also on Facebook.




The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


Date of Next Meeting:


Wednesday 19th October 2011, SUFC 7pm.