FoRP Monthly Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 18th July 2012


Peter Gay    Peter Bell   Jack Jennings   Jean Duncan   John Potter   George Hedge    Rachael Chew   Beverley Chew   Mary Cashmore   Annie Hepburn   David Pears   Lyn Freeman   Christine Jennings   Mike Long   Colin Madge   John Porter   Graham Lennard   



Clare Goodwin    Andrew Jennings    Pauline Manfield    Peter Turner  



 Jack Jennings welcomed members this July meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their hospitality.  He also thanked Councilor Pears, John Porter CPM and Graham Lennard BCC for their attendance.


Extension to the Cycle pathway  

David Pears opened the discussion on this matter that would occupy the whole of the meeting.   He said that reservations had been expressed about the entrance and exits at Hollyfield Road and Hollyfield Drive locations.   Therefore the first point was opinion upon extending the path in any event.  A show of hands gave 11 to 3 majority in support.  It was obvious that compromises would have to be reached.

All questions submitted to the Secretary by members prior to this meeting were read out and discussed with the help of Graham Lennard and John Porter.   It was agreed that a site and risk assessment should be carried out by Atkins to cover the positioning of any entrance/exit prior to a final decision being taken by BCC officers.

The positioning of a new pedestrian crossing as part of the project was considered to be outside the remit of FoRP.

All members present had the opportunity to present their point of view and preferences for this project.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th June 2012:

Beverley Chew proposed and Peter Bell seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £1,318.49.



Rachael Chew reported that the website was now up to date.

The Rectory Road signposts have become loosened and need attention.

The area at the rear of the cricket club has quickly become overgrown again.  The blocked drain has been cleared and flooding stopped.

The “Pink Dandelions” have now produced some seed stock.

The large boulders in Pype Hayes Park have been viewed and need uplifting to bring to Rectory Park.

SUFC proposed a sharing of funds accrued via a club raffle that would benefit FoRP with members selling tickets.   It was agreed this was a generous offer from the football club.

Councilor Pears informed members of an Email received from Hollyfield School stating how much the children enjoyed working with FoRP on park projects and were looking forward to further involvement.   He said it was very pleasing for the group to receive such appreciation.

A reminder that SUFC are to hold a Charity Football Match on 21st July, against Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club, in support of the Norman Laud Association.  Parking is at St Chads, SUFC and John Willmott School.   Please come if you can.

CPM John Porter said that with the recent heavy rain and generally bad conditions, grass cutting was behind schedule but with weather improvements forecast every effort would be made to catch up.


Date of next Meeting:  Wednesday 19th September 2012.  SUFC 7pm.

The meeting closed at 2045 hours.


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