Minutes of meeting 19th June 2013

Minutes of meeting 19th June 2013
Held at Sutton Coldfield Cricket Club.

Peter Gay, Jack Jennings, Peter Bell, Annie Hepburn, John Potter, Colin Greatham, Beverley Chew and Rachael Chew.
Jean Duncan, Pauline Manfield, Peter Turner, Lyn Freeman, Colin Madge, George Hedge, Christine Jennings.

Peter Gay Chairman opened meeting by thanking Colin and the cricket club for making us so welcome.

Previous minutes accepted by John Potter and seconded by Annie Hepburn.

The flyer sent to companies on the Reddicap trading estate had no responses to date.
An application for community funding to the Co-op has been made and we are awaiting a response this could be a sum of £400-500.

Current accounts: £2063.78 prior to payment for the bronze plaque and plinth construction..

Rachael stated that the site was up-to date, however she would appreciate more information and photographs to put on to the site. 

Nil to report.

Gardening club. 
Gardening club at Hollyfield still very successful with the children, the teaching staff are very grateful for the activity that has become so popular.
Not very much success this year so far with certain planting, but will continue.

Meadows are an on-going long term project that is proving successful. Yellow rattle in meadow 1 is even better than last year, looks good and is doing its intended job. Other flowers are also appearing in all the meadows. Crocus bulbs by the playground made a good display, other bulbs elsewhere very late probable cause the weather.
Yellow rattle will be harvested; however more will also need to be purchased.

The unstable tree that has prevented further work to pond area due to danger has been felled today. Further plans to be discussed at next meeting.


Discussions for funding projects. 

Birmingham airport grant: there is a meeting on the 20/06/2013, Peter Bell suggested we put in an application for funding for landscaping behind the cricket club. The hockey and cricket club could also separately put in applications for covers for sites and a bow dryer (sponge roller.) this would increase the % of time cricket can be played. Information re: this proposed application was given by Colin Greatham. Maximum funding is £3000 and bid applications to be in by 30/08/2013.


During Peter Bells discussions with John Porter, John said that FORP had made great progress within the last 5 years.

Discussion re:the humps/? Lumps along sides of car park discussed. Subject initiated by Beverley who commented on the unsightly appearance that ruined the entrance to park. She was informed from various sources that they are staying, patience is required and within a period of 3 months hopefully grass will have grown on them which should be easily maintained by park maintenance with strimmers and they will become more aesthetically pleasing and not noticeable. 


The plinth project is well underway and is extremely exciting. Commencing construction on the 18/06/2013, constructed in red, white and blue engineering bricks.  A huge thanks to all included in this project that will be something that will be a talking point and something to be very proud of in Rectory Park. A large collection of memorabilia and information is currently being collated to place inside the time capsule by various group members and the sports clubs within the park. Hollyfield School as always is contributing providing items and works by the children to also be installed. The school children will not know where the time capsule is to be placed. Peter Bell has put in a large amount of time and effort to collate information about the history of Rectory Park, to be placed within the capsule.

An official presentation will take place of the plinth, at a date/ time to be decided.


Two more benches have yet to be placed in the cricket ground. A brief discussion was had about converting some park benches to picnic tables. More bins would also be needed if this was decided in the future.



All have agreed previously that the playground is looking tired. Peter Gay, Colin Madge and Jack Jennings met with Steve Williams from SMP playground manufacturer and supplier. He suggested some refurbishment as most of current equipment is ok. Some suggestions were made regarding transfer equipment for disabled persons. Also some equipment for older children possibly skate area? He will collate some information and get back to us with his ideas and recommendations.


Coffee club. 

Annie suggested looking at having a coffee and snacks outlet from the cricket club with funds raised to be split between FoRP and cricket club. Colin and Beverley felt the idea was great however the possible project will need lots of investigation first about feasibility. 

Next meeting 7 pm 17th of July  2013 at SUFC.