FoRP Minutes - Wednesday 18 September 2013

Minutes of the meeting held at Sutton Coldfield Cricket & Hockey Club on Wednesday 18th Sept 13


Present:-  Peter Gay in the Chair;  George Hedge;  Jean Duncan;  Annie Hepburn;  Lily Stonehouse;  John Potter;  Jack Jennings;  Colin Greetham;  Peter Bell;


Apologies:-   Peter Turner; Colin Madge;  Pauline Manfield;  Mary Cashmore;  Lyn Freeman;  Christine Jennings;  David Pears.


Minutes of 17th July Accepted: -: Proposed by Jean Duncan.    Seconded by: Colin Greetham


Welcome:-   The Chairman welcomed all and later in the evening a special welcome was extended to Lily Stonehouse, who was attending her first meeting.  He also thanked the Sutton Cricket Club for providing the venue.


Minute Secretary:-   The Chairman announced that our Secretary had resigned and after some discussion Peter Bell volunteered to take on the position of Minute Secretary.  Peter did request that members should speak up as he was hard of hearing.  The Friends still require a General Secretary so a volunteer is required, asp...


Treasurer’s Report:-   Annie stated that we had in the bank account £2,833.22.  This included two recent cheques - £750 for the Community Chest Fund for the Plinth and £400 from the Co-op.  The Co-op sent a very pleasant letter suggesting that we could re-apply at a later date and asked that their support of the Friends letter be displayed.  Annie agreed and would have it laminated and displayed. 


The Plinth:- The meeting was informed that a time capsule had been inserted inside the plinth prior to it being sealed.  Jack Jennings informed the meeting that a small brass plaque would be affixed to the plinth tomorrow.  However, no date for its unveiling of the Plinth was discussed, although it had been suggest earlier that Councillor Pears would be asked to do the honours with the Hollyfield Primary School in attendance.


Meadow 1, 2 & 3:- Colin Greetham agreed to discuss with John Broome of Glendale on when the meadows would be cut.  Although 1.47 kilos of Yellow Rattle seeds had been harvested in the summer, it was agreed that further quantities would be purchased.  This would need to be done before the end of November so that pre winter sowing would take place.  Also a quantity of wild flower seeds would also be purchased which could wait until late February for a March sowing.  It was also suggested that some machinery should be hired that was man enough for breaking up some of the meadow surfaces.  George Hedge said that he had a number of foxglove plants that need to be planted as soon as possible and various venues were suggested.


Pond:- A team of about 50 young persons under the banner Challenge Organisation were due on Saturday 28th September run by Leon Roseblade the team leader.  Toilet facilities would be required at SUFC and SCC&HC.  (Sutton Coldfield HC would be advised).  All members were asked to be available on the 28 to assist in organising this group in work on the pond.  The tree had bee chopped down but was now in the way of pond work.  Colin Greetham agreed to take a look at the problem as he had a chain saw, which would be required to reduce the tree trunk into manageable pieces.


Park Keeper:- David had moved on and a new Park keeper is now Martin Heath-Redman.


SUFC:-  John Potter gave an update on the problems the football club have over  i) extending the main pitch by 5 meters to be 100 meters in length and ii) the Leagues requirement for a covered stand to accommodate a 100 persons.  John Porter had suggested that it could be portable.  The members were sympathetic but agreed that it was matter for John Porter and SUFC/


Outdoor Gym:- Some concern was raised about very young children using the gym, but it was agreed that the Parks Management were responsible for the equipment and it would be their insurance that would cover any claim for damages in the vent of an accident and was nothing to do with the Friends.


Website:- The Chairman reminded everyone that should they have any photographs please put them on our website.


Children’s’ Play Ground:- Some repairs and maintenance were required, in particular the seats and bearings in the swings.  HAGS appeared to be aware and had the matter in hand.


Grants:-  A general question was raised enquiring if we were getting all the grants available to us.  The opinion was “yes” and that we had mad two recent application; i) Birmingham Airport for £3,000 to clear the land behind the Cricket Club; ii) Sustrans for up to £3,000 covering three projects - a) The Pond, b) The Meadows , c) Create a Nectar Bank in association with Hollyfield Primary School.


Invitation:-  Colin Greetham informed the meeting that the Cricket Club were inviting all members of the Friends Group to apply for Social Membership – This would allow them to use all the clubs’ facilities including the Bar.


With no other business the meeting closed at 8.40 PM 


Next Meeting:-

7PM on Wednesday 16 October 2013 at Sutton Coldfield Cricket & Hockey Club