Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 17 October 2012

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 17 October 2012



Peter Bell, Jack Jennings, George Hedge, Rachael Chew, Annie Hepburn, Colin Madge, Pauline Manfield.


Clare Goodwin, Andrew Jennings, Christine Jennings, Beverley Chew, Councilor Pears, Peter Gay, Jean Duncan, Lynne Freeman.


Jack Jennings welcomed members this October meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their hospitality.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 19 September 2012:

Pauline Manfield proposed and George Hedge seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £2,475.29 as of 3 October 2012.


Matters arising: Expansion of playground was mentioned as a possible project for the future, with a local school bring involved in ideas for the expansion and upgrading of the playground, including equipment for older children (age 12+).


Update from Beverly Chew: Spoken to Hollyfield School to hopefully liaise with students about what they would like for future improvements of the playground. Concerns raised by PB with regards to how long there is to use the grant for the gym equipment, the chairman will follow this up following completion of the cycle path.


Press: Upcoming press: Royal oak to be planted with children from local school (tree to be planted by lime tree grove), lead person on this project is George Hedge. To be organised in November, press to be invited and article to be written and submitted to the Sutton Coldfield Observer. Website: RC reports website is up to date. New images provided by James Perkins.


Projects: Pond – grant has been received, chairman has met with Jimmy Goodwin to organise start date, possibly 17 and 18 November. This will involve digging, moving and distributing soil, a micro digger will also be required, which will require access around the football, the chair will speak to John Potter to organise access.


An amphibian hibernacula (constructed to act as refuges for species such as reptiles and amphibians as well as invertebrates, providing habitat, shelter and places to bask) will be created, using logs, stone and turf, and topped with soil.


Drainage – to be improved, risk assessment to be undertaken. Particularly muddy areas (near the pond) will have new steps built to improve pathways through the park.


Meadows – Meadow three has been cut, although will need to be cut again before seed goes down. Meadow one and two also need cutting. Chairman to speak to John Porter about parks cutting the meadows. Colin to speak to Glendale to see if they will cut it. Leading this project is Peter Bell. Plinth – Plinth has been designed, location proposed for by the playground.

Estimated cost £890 for brickwork. Time capsule to be included, apply to community chest for funding and contact chosen school to be involved. AOB:

Report of vandalism in gardens backing on to Rectory Park, on Rectory Road and Rectory Park Avenue. Date of next Meeting (AGM): Wednesday 28 November 2012 at SUFC: 7pm.