Minutes of AGM held Wednesday 16th November 2011

Friends of Rectory Park

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held Wednesday 16th November 2011


Peter Gay   Jack Jennings    Jean Duncan   David Pears   Peter Turner   Rachael Chew   John Potter   Peter Bell   Beverley Chew   John Porter   Colin Madge  George Hedge  Annie Hepburn


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Jack Jennings welcomed members to the November Annual General meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their continued hospitality. The Officers then stood down and David Pears took the Chair.

Election of Officers:

David Pears conducted the election of officers at this the 5th AGM as follows:

Chairman:  Jack Jennings

Vice Chairman:  Colin Madge

Secretary:  Peter Gay

Treasurer:  Annie Hepburn

Press:  Peter Bell

Webmaster:  Rachael Chew

Jack Jennings then took the Chair.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th October 2011:

John Potter proposed and Peter Turner seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurers Report:  Distributed and approved subject to audit.

Matters Arising:

Projects 2011:

A general review of the following activities showed that a considerable amount had been achieved over the past year and the Chairman congratulated every one on their efforts and recognised the support received from our Councillor and the Constituency Park Manager in this connection.

Field Assessment: Completed

Dry Pond:  Ongoing

Site Facility for Older Children: Ongoing.  The possibility of the outdoor exercise facilities becoming a reality was moving closer.  This is a project that would boost the attraction of the park to many more users beyond current visitors.

Driveway Entrance Rectory Road:  Speed humps renewed and new markings now complete.

Koi Carp:  Ongoing, further action and information from Dr Stefan Bodnar.

Bronze Statues:  Completed

Contractors Funding:  Fruit tree planting completed.

Additional Benches & Picnic Tables:  Completed

Extension to Cycle/Pathway:  Ongoing.

Hollyfield Drive:  Gravel path completed.

Flower Meadows:  Ongoing.  (Meadow 2 for sowing yellow rattle seeds next week.)

Waste Bins: Nearing completion of last two installations.

Tidy Ups: Ongoing at all work party mornings.

School Relations:  Teachers at Hollyfield School have expressed their delight at the children’s involvement in the area planting and sowing in meadow 1. Ongoing.

The Chairman commented that this discussion confirmed the progress achieved and also the enthusiasm of members in giving of their time for their park.

Website: Continually updated including new pictures.  Members are encouraged to take and submit photos to Rachael for inclusion.

QE2 Field Status: All members encouraged to ask friends to vote, it will prevent any building on the park in future years.

New Wood Planting:  the Chairman referred to this and said it appeared that we had not been awarded as no further contact has been made.

Forestry Commission Grant: A quantity of trees would be planted on the 1st and 2nd December and FoRP had asked to be involved.  All available are encouraged to attend.  (Danny Squires BCC) 

Birmingham Trees For Life:  There will be a public meeting on 17th March 2012 at SCCHC clubhouse in connection with tree planting to extend the area around millennium wood.  Tree sponsorship is likely as a cost of £25 per tree.

Tree Hedge Line: the Chairman advised upon the prospect of planting at the area adjacent to the Riland Road tip to provide an eventual screening from the site.  Also, the Woodlands Trust will be giving away some 450 plants, which we have applied for.  Additionally he also had a box of donated hedging plants.

CPM:  John Porter reviewed the year and said that LA’s are diminishing and groups such as FoRP are growing.  The park is in better shape and use resulting from the work undertaken during the previous two years.

He advised on the availability of 900 tulip bulbs that it was agreed to plant with the assistance of the community payback personnel.

The clearing of the rear of the cricket pavilion area would benefit from planting to attract butterflies etc.,

The pavilion has a dismal interior and does not encourage any positive respect.  Football is an important part of Rectory Park and the interior changing and shower facilities are abysmal and out of date.

Ladies football is not possible because of this and the building is generally underused.

There are proposals for refurbishment which the group discussed and which could see a real improvement overall.  Fire safety concerns would have to be addressed at the same time.

Other matters:

Funding suggestions discussed.

Olive O’Sullivan heads up Constituency Office.

Insurance for work activities

Future Project ideas discussed.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Next Meeting :  14th December 2011