FoRP Minutes - Wednesday 16 October 2013

Minutes of the meeting held at Sutton Coldfield Cricket & Hockey Club on Wednesday 16th Oct 13


Present:-  Peter Gay in the Chair;  George Hedge;  Lily Stonehouse;  John Potter; Colin Greetham;  Colin Madge;  Peter Bell;


Apologies:-   Peter Turner;  Pauline Manfield;  Mary Cashmore;  Lyn Freeman;  Christine Jennings;  David Pears;  Jean Duncan;  Annie Hepburn;  Jack Jennings;  


Minutes of 18th Sept 13 were accepted: -: Proposed by Colin Greetham    Seconded by: John Potter.


Welcome: -   The Chairman welcomed all and thanked the Sutton Cricket Club for providing the venue.


Correspondence:  Councillor Pears had requested that we avoid our monthly meeting on the second Wednesday in the month as it clashed with a BCC meeting he has to attend.  It was agreed that we would.


Treasurer’s Report: -   Annie reported that our funds had a balance of £2,765.23.


Press Report:  Peter stated that he had sent in an article and photographs to the Observer on the joint working party of the Friends and The-Challenge on Saturday 28th September.  We received half page spread coverage on the event.


The-Challenge: -  The Chairman gave a report on the day’s activity and our appreciation of the efforts of the about 50 young boys and girls (16 to 18 years of age) under the banner Challenge Organisation on Saturday 28th September run by Leon Roseblade the team leader.  Their efforts around the old pond were excellent.  It was reported that concern had been expressed from some quarters that the Rose Bay Willow-herb had been cut down, but it was agreed that the seeds had fallen and would most likely germinate next year.  Concern was expressed by BCC’s action on the removal of the cut down tree from over the pond.


The Plinth: - The Chairman informed the meeting that a small brass plaque had been affixed to the plinth by Jimmy.  However, no date for its unveiling was available as Councillor Pears had not been able to accept a date suggested by HollyfieldSchool.  The Chairman agreed to try and arrange a suitable to both after the School’s half term break.


Meadow 1, 2 & 3:- Colin Greetham reported that they had been cut but dead grass had not been removed.  It was however agreed that the Peter Bell would get prices from reputable suppliers for Yellow Rattle and Wild Flowers seeds. Our previous supplier Naturescape of Langar, Nottinghamshire would also be contacted...


Bird Boxes:  These had been inspected and cleaned.


Field in Trust:  We now have a copy of the Deed.

Funding: -

1)  We await the results of our application for £3,000 of funding from Birmingham Airport,   which is due out on 24th October 13.  If our application was successful it would cover the cost for the clearing of the site at the back of the Cricket Pavilion, and the construction of a timber revetments in two conversing lines of approximately 30 meters long.

2) We had submitted an application for funding from SUSTRANS and we await a result but no date is known.  We had quoted for three projects totalling £3,000

3)  Following advice by Cllr Pears, the Minute Secretary circulated to all a funding scheme by Veolia Birmingham inviting applications for grants.  Jean Duncan had written to suggest that we should apply for funding for the clearing of drainage ditches.  This was considered a worth while proposition and it was proposed that Jean should be asked to put in an application with the assistance of Minute Secretary.  The application form was a very simple document and we can apply every 6 months


Flooding: -  A general discussion took place regarding the flooding that had occurred during the last winter and spring, in particular around the score box on the top cricket ground and a couple of other areas in the park.  It was agreed that we would observe and monitor what happened this winter.  Colin Greetham said that the Cricket Club would lower the water table by spreading the waste topsoil from the squares in this area.  He also pointed out that this area was considered as a potential danger to players chasing a cricket ball when they found themselves running over the boundary as they could possible injure themselves when coming onto an un-even and wet surface..  Colin also pointed out that the lack of available water to the ground was of concern, as all leagues required a good supply of water during dry periods in the summer months.    


Website:- No report, but details of The-Challenge article in the Observer had been placed on our website.


With no other business the meeting closed at 8.35 PM 


Next Meeting:-

The Annual General Meeting would be on Wednesday 20th November 2013 at Sutton United Football Club’s premises in Hollyfield Road at 7 PM