Minutes - 15th February 2012

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 15th February 2012


Peter Gay    Peter Bell   Jack Jennings   Jean Duncan   Rachael Chew 

Peter Turner   Colin Madge   Peter Bell   John Potter   George Hedge   

Rachael Chew


Clare Goodwin, Andrew Jennings, David Pears, Lyn Freeman, Christine Jennings, Pauline Manfield, Beverley Chew, Mary Cashmore, Annie Hepburn  


 Jack Jennings welcomed members to the February meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their continued support. 

Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th January 2012:

Peter Turner proposed and Jean Duncan seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Secretary reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £1,070.49 to which a further £50 will be added thanks to a bench sponsorship from Peter Turner.

Matters Arising:

Dry Pond: A quote had been received for digging out the pond that by mechanical means should be completed in a day.  The CPM suggested that Glendale be given the opportunity to assist and the chance for Payback labour may also be available during weekday working.  The Chairman will write to CPM with our thoughts on this matter.  This could be our Jubilee Year project. 

Site Facility for Older Children: Ongoing.  CPM Porter is researching development opportunities. 

Koi Carp:  Ongoing, no contact from Dr Bodnar.  Peter Bell agreed to contact Dr Bodnar to ascertain possible developments. 

Waste Bins:  Two bins had now been ‘boxed’ in, this design was felt appropriate and we should aim to have all bins improved in this way as and when the cost of about £70 per bin could be met. 

QEII Field Status:  Full national list now published and will be circulated by Email. 

Four Oaks Boys Club: Keith Skinner, Chairman of the club kindly donated a box of plants he had received but could not use.  He is a regular Rectory Park dog walker. 

Any Other Business:   

Peter Bell updated the meeting upon current activities at SCCHC that are aimed at making the premises more available to the community.  The club has a new chairman and this change in policy is welcomed.  A project to renovate the overgrown area to the rear of the club premises was outlined.  Jack Jennings commented upon the possibility of removing old metal fencing and other objects from the side area and also of the removal of the fire damaged trees adjacent to the car park.  Peter Bell said that further damage had been caused to the new nets compound and further security measures are planned. 

Community Chest applications should be made at any time and the Chairman agreed to progress the Dry Pond costs in this way. 

Bird Box cleaning has been delayed due to inclement weather. 

Website still continually updated, please visit at www.rectorypark.org 

The meeting closed at 8.30pm. 

Date of Next Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 14th March 2012 at SUFC.