Minutes of Meeting Wednesday 11th January 2012

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 11th January 2012


Peter Gay    Peter Bell   Jack Jennings   Jean Duncan   Pauline Manfield

Rachael Chew   Christine Jennings   Peter Turner   Colin Madge   Peter Bell

Annie Hepburn   John Potter


Clare Goodwin   Andrew Jennings   David Pears George Hedge Lyn Freeman


 Jack Jennings welcomed members to the first 2012 meeting and thanked Sutton Coldfield Cricket Club for their continued hospitality and use of their facilities.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th November 2011:

Peter Turner proposed and Colin Madge seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Secretary reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £870.49.  18 benches had now received sponsorship and were listed on our website: www.rectorypark.org

Matters Arising:

Dry Pond: Further investigation appeared to show that a clay base is present at a depth of about 14 inches.


Site Facility for Older Children: Ongoing.  CPM Porter is researching development opportunities.


Koi Carp:  Ongoing, no contact from Dr Bodnar.


Flower Meadows 2&3:  Yellow rattle sowed in late November 2011.


Waste Bins:  Two bins had now been ‘boxed’ in courtesy of Goodwin Builders.  The Chairman expressed our thanks to Jimmy and Nigel for this work.


QEII Field Status:  Rectory Park was voted 11th nationally and 1st in the Birmingham area.  We await further developments.


Forestry Commission Grant:  On the 1st and 2nd December last 400+ trees and 900 tulips (FoRP design near bench 12) were planted with Ranger and Payback assistance.


Birmingham Trees for Life:  There will be a public meeting at SCCHC on 17th March 2012.  Sponsorship is £25 per tree.  Leaflets were distributed on this matter.


Tree Hedge Line:  Nothing has been received from the Woodland Trust but some donated hedge plants were put in on 12th December 2011.  Members discussed the idea of seeking sponsorship assistance from Veolia services that run the civic amenity adjacent to the Riland Road area of the park.


Loss of Trees:  It was noted that two trees planted last year had been lost at the Broomie Close Flats site. 


Any Other Business:  Mike Long Chairman of SUFC addressed the meeting outlining the plans as the club understood, for the extension of the footpath/cycleway.  The path will exit at Hollyfield Road where a pedestrian crossing will be constructed.

The demarcation between the pathway and the SUFC car park entrance road at Hollyfield Road was discussed.  The suggestion that a raised brick line might be installed was considered by all to be a danger and not necessary.  A white thermoplastic marking will suffice with a notice to cyclists to dismount at this point where vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists may conflict on busy weekend sports activities.


The Chairman thanked Mike for his attendance an all agreed that much better co-operation now existed between the two organisations.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Date of Next Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 15th February 2012 at SUFC.