Minutes - 14th March 2012

Minutes of Meeting held Wednesday 14th March 2012


Peter Gay    Peter Bell   Jack Jennings   Jean Duncan   Rachael Chew 

Peter Turner   Colin Madge   John Porter   John Potter   George Hedge   

Beverley Chew   Colin Greetham   Annie Hepburn



Clare Goodwin  Andrew Jennings  David Pears Lyn Freeman Christine Jennings  Pauline Manfield  Mary Cashmore 



 Jack Jennings welcomed members to the meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their continued support and hospitality.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th February 2012:

Colin Madge proposed and Peter Bell seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

The Secretary reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £1,078.49. 


Matters Arising:

Website: Rachael Chew reported that the website now had a Facebook link.   Bird box cleaning has been entered.  Remarks from members of the public (mainly dog walkers) had remarked upon the work being carried out by the group and general improvements to the park.   


Project Meeting:  The Chairman reported on a meeting held to discuss all ongoing projects.   

Sponsorship and support for events from Asda has been circulated by Email. Both SUFC and SCCHC are willing to assist where possible.

Three bird boxes have been gifted to Hollyfield School and installed by group members.

Tulips given by the parks had been planted and were doing well.

The school gardening club is receiving assistance and advice from FoRP’s member George Hedge.


The Chairman explained the intention to plant hedging alongside the single rail fencing of the club adjacent to the car park roadway.  Once done the maintenance would be the responsibility of SCCHC.  The plantings would include beech-hazel-hawthorn and blackthorn

Repairs would be made to the boundary hedge on the cricket field and the group had already obtained heatherings and stakes from a wood facility near Droitwich.   SCCHC have a pre-season cleanup planned for the end of March and FoRP indicated their willingness to assist.   A further recce will be made this coming Friday.

There is an orienteering event due to take place on 9th May being organised by COBOC. (Dave Ellis)

Community Chest application subjects are required in addition to the dry pond and the outdoor gym facilities.  Ray Stark is formulating our current fundraising opportunities.


SCCHC: The Club Chairman, Colin Greetham advised upon the seasons cricket activities.  They have also been asked to host a ‘last man standing’ series each Wednesday that is a social form of the game with all involved batting and bowling.   In agreement with the CPM an arrangement was made for the removal of the damaged Leylandi trees behind the nets.   It was agreed to install a link to the club from the FoRP website.   He suggested a FoRP notice board installed in the clubhouse would be a useful way of promoting our activities.   Colin was looking forward to a renewed era of cooperation between us and reminded everyone that he was on site throughout most of the season engaged upon ground maintenance.  Should anyone have a query he would be happy to resolve any matter directly.  


QEII Field Status:  John Porter showed members the impressive commemorative plaque to be installed in the park celebrating the award to Rectory Park of QEII Field Status.


SUFC: John Potter spoke regarding the extension to the cycle pathway and said that final decisions had not been made and no start date announced, although it was scheduled for this year.   He asked for support to increase the size of the uPVC dugouts by 1 metre each, alternatively to agree to brick built facilities.   This was due to the requirements of the higher league the team would be playing in the 2013 season.  Members present supported extended uPVC as brick was viewed inappropriate. 


Press Liaison: Peter Bell advised upon an article he had submitted to the Sutton Observer upon activity at the dry pond site.  He had also described the QEII status with Rectory Park being 1st in Birmingham and 11th overall in the country.  


The meeting closed at 8.50pm. 

Date of Next Meeting: 7pm Wednesday 25h April 2012 at SUFC.  (Subject to confirmation.)