Minutes of the 6th Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 5th December 2012

Minutes of the 6th Annual General Meeting, held Wednesday 5th December 2012


Peter Bell, Jack Jennings, George Hedge, Rachael Chew, Annie Hepburn, Colin Madge, David Pears, John Potter, Jean Duncan, Mary Cashmore, Peter Gay, Lewis Dowling, Michael Dowling, Beverley Chew.


Christine Jennings, Pauline Manfield, Lyn Freeman, Peter Turner, Colin Greetham


Councilor David Pears welcomed members to this the 6th Annual General Meeting and thanked Sutton United Football Club for their hospitality and refreshments hosted by John Potter. He also thanked the retiring Chairman Jack Jennings, the Parks Department, our Park Keeper, Councilors and all members for their support and efforts during the last 12 months.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 17 October 2012:

George Hedge proposed and Annie Hepburn seconded acceptance of the Minutes of that meeting.

Election of Officers:

Officers were elected as follows:

Chairman: Peter Gay

Vice Chairman: Colin Madge

Secretary: Beverley Chew

Treasurer: Annie Hepburn

Press Liaison: Peter Bell

Webmaster: Rachael Chew

Auditor: Jack Jennings

Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer reported that all invoices received thus far had been completed and that the current bank balance stood at £2,424.29 as of 3rd November 2012. A Statement of Account was circulated to those present. The Accounts were approved unanimously.


Press Liaison & Website: Rachael Chew reported that the website had been updated. Efforts made by her and Peter Bell, to have three articles submitted to the Sutton Observer together with photographs seemed to have been singularly unsuccessful. David Pears would enquire with press contacts to clarify their policy. We now have followers on Facebook. After discussion, it was agreed that a comprehensive report of the past year activities plus photographs should be submitted to the Sutton Observer. Rachael and Peter to prepare.


Pond Project:

The pond has been dug out by Jimmy and Nigel and is now full of water. Additional clearing and removal of unwanted foliage etc; will occur on an ad hoc basis. Two hibernacula retreats have been constructed from reclaimed material. Steps have also been constructed to give easier access to the woods adjacent to the pond. Further steps will be added to the pathway from the pond to the lower field allowing also for pond drainage to the wooded area beneath that level. Our thanks to Jimmy and Nigel for their hard work in this matter, resulting in the use of a mechanical digger being unnecessary. The Chairman will speak with the DPM regarding trees thought to be unsafe at this location.


Flower Meadows:

Peter Bell reported that the grass has been cut and the cutting removed by the Community Payback Team. It was agreed to donate coffee and biscuits to the team who have done well with their task. Further Yellow Rattle will be sown when appropriate


Jubilee Plinth:

It was agreed by 8 votes to 6 that the plinth would be sited in the new plantation in front of the Millennium Wood area. The design and cost had been agreed and it was likely that construction would take place early next year to include a time capsule from Hollyfield School. Space permitting, other objects might be included. Construction would take two days. The DPM is enquiring about the provision of a new QEII Fields in Trust Plaque for installation on the plinth.


Park Keeper:

A positive endorsement for the provision of David our permanent park keeper, with the perceived benefits will be submitted to BOSF in answer to their enquiry. David will be invited to our next meeting.



Ideas for future projects are welcomed at any time but it was agreed that we should not overload our list bearing in mind our small membership.



John Potter informed the meeting that a properly constructed footpath had been agreed with the DPM to alleviate the muddy path from the clubhouse to the dugouts on pitch 1.


Main Pavilion Refurbishment:

Councillor Pears will follow up on the details surrounding the proposed upgrade to these facilities.


The meeting closed at 8.10pm.


Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 16th January 2013