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A change to the official title of the park, we are now: Queen Elizabeth II Field, Rectory Park


Hard work continues despite wet weather!


hard work continues

Planting trees...

Planting trees


Glendale team helping out!


Glendale team


Outdoor gym installed in park!


Get fit now using the new outdoor gym in Rectory Park, by working out on one or all of the seven exercising frames.  This gym has been installed behind the children's play area, in a position that was chosen so that children could move from play to exercise as they grew up and that their parents would be able to supervise them and at the same time they could look after their own well being by a short work out.


The facilities were organised by the Friends of Rectory Park, who raised the necessary funds by grants, in particular from the Ward's Community Chest and donations, and we are grateful to the Park's Management for allowing and installing this facility, which the Friends hope to enlarge at some later date.


Rectory Park does suffer from vandalism and it is hoped that youngsters will now direct their surplus energy to the exercise facilities in this outdoor gym.

Peter testing out the new equiptment!




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