We have been working closely with multiple agencies to try and achieve a solution to the problems many residents have been experiencing with Sewage, Ground and Surface water flooding.


Most of the residents affected will be aware that Anglian Water are still using tankers at their pumping station to remove the access ground water from the sewage system, this will continue until the pumping station is able to cope with the flow of sewage.


Anglian Water are proposing as soon as it is practical to survey the sewer system with cameras to ascertain where the ground water is entering their system. Following the survey, they will repair any defects which hopefully will allow the sewers to work as they should.

With Essex County Councils Flood Management, a visual inspection was carried out of the areas that are affected by ground water flooding; Bromley Road, Main Road, Colchester Road, Tokley Road and Mannings Road.


Essex County Council Flood Management will be completing an S19 Report which highlights the issues with the flooding and the possible solutions.

They will also be liaising with Anglia Water to discuss the situation and hopefully have a joined-up approach so that a solution(s) can be found.


As a short-term action ECC will be using CCTV to survey Spirit Ditch and the pipe that crosses the B1029 to see why this appears to be blocked and then jet wash out any obstruction.

Some of the ditches that are blocked are due to poor maintenance, this will be bought to the attention of Landowners/Residents for which they are responsible in keeping clear.


At this time as the weather has been better over the past few days it has allowed the water to recede, the Parish Councils understanding is that most if not all are now able to use their washing and toilet facilities as they should be able to.


It is the Parish Councils intention to carry on discussing with these agencies the way forward so that hopefully we do not have a repeat of this situation.


We will continue to keep you updated as and when we have more information.


Thank you.


Frating Parish Council

21:35, 24 Feb 2021 by Michelle Salazar

Update regarding flooding

5th February 2021


The Parish Council are aware of many cases of properties that have been affected by the recent flooding issues of sewage, surface & ground water. It is good to see that a lot of residents affected have already logged their problems directly with the appropriate provider but if you require any assistance with your issues the Parish Council/Parish Councillors are more than willing to help where they can.


The Parish Council have been engaging at this time with multiply agencies who have the responsibility in dealing with these issues, with the aim of getting their commitment to rectify the problems.


Anglian Water has been attending the pumping station in Bromley Road with tankers since the 16th January to increase the quantity of sewage/water being removed from their system.

Although the tankers have been attending quite often (on a 24/7 basis) it still appears to be too little in removing the amount of water that is infiltrating their system.

Anglian Water has also visited several locations to try and assist residents with their difficulties.


The Parish Council have also requested that Essex County Council attend to the ditch at Spirit Ditch in Bromley Road as it appears to be blocked and is allowing water to back up towards Haggars Lane.

The County & District Councillors have been informed of the problems and pleased to say that Lynda McWilliams our District Councillor has taken up the issue with Tendring District Council (TDC), an officer from TDC has been meeting with an officer from Anglian Water, Essex County Council (ECC) and the TDC Emergency Planning.

Carlo Guglielmi, County Councillor for Frating has requested that a team from ECC visit Spirit Ditch as soon as possible.

Hopefully with these three authorities getting together a resolution can be found.

With the help of Angela a resident of Bromley Road, the Parish Council has produced a list with a map showing the known houses affected, this has been sent to Lynda McWilliams to share with all those involved.


The Parish Council will keep you all updated as and when there is more information available.

It has already been confirmed by Anglian Water that they have agreed to survey their system within the village to ascertain where the water is getting into their network as the surface water and groundwater should not be disposed of through it.


Thank you


Frating Parish Council

15:22, 06 Feb 2021 by Michelle Salazar

With the new restrictions that came in to force from today the 5th November 2020, please see the below link for information.


Thank you

17:55, 05 Nov 2020 by Michelle Salazar


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