Parish Councils meetings start at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall along the main road of Frating.

Until further notice Parish Councils are advised NOT to hold face to face meeting; 

Council Meetings

The advice around face to face council meetings remains unaltered. National Association Local Council’s view with which the Society Local Council Clerks agrees, is that it’s worth highlighting that councils should not be holding meetings in person and wherever possible staff should work from home. If a Council needs to meet, for example to approve the accounts and AGAR, then this should be done remotely.


January - No meeting

February – 1st

March – 1st

April – 12th (Annual Parish Meeting)

May - 10th (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

June – 7th

July – 5th

August - No meeting

September – 6th

October - 4th

November – 1st

December – 6th