KO Semi Final

On the 15th October at 6:15pm the semi finalists of the Forth Valley Area Knock Out lined up to play for a place in the final on the 30th of October. They were Abercorn (West Lothian) playing Doune (Central Scotland) and Kilsyth (Stirlingshire) playing Keir (Central Scotland).

In the first match, Doune started the scoring with a single before Abercorn took a two and then stole a single to lead 3 v 1. Doune then hit back with a single and then a steal of their own to level the score. Both teams were drawing the stones into the house and it was always busy in there, with tap ups frequent. Abercorn could only manage a single in the 6th end and Doune placed two well guarded shots in the house and try as he might Skip Waddell couldn't break in to prevent Doune taking a 2 at the last to win 4 v 5.

In the second match, it was a very different affair, with defensive play much in evidence to start. Keir skip McLeary decided to blank the first end. In the second he was forced to take a single shot. Kilsyth managed to keep more stones in play and despite best efforts, Keir couldn't stop them scoring 2. This was repeated for a further two ends until in the 6th, a misplaced shot by Kilsyth allowed Keir to hit and lie for a 3 after a very close inspection of the stones by both thirds. All the pressure was now on Kilsyth trailing 4 v 5. They could only manage a single in the next end and so to the last end all square at 5 v 5. Kilsyth kept three stones in play for most of the end and Skip Davie played a draw to the button for his last shot to lie two. However, the button was still open and it meant Skip McLeary had to be perfect to win the game. It was so close, his stone just coming in slightly too heavy, hitting a Kilsyth stone and carrying on to leave Kilsyth with a single shot and the game at 6 v 5.