Championship kicks off

The playoff for the final of the Area Championship took place in the National Curling Academy on the 6th March at 9:00pm. Representing Stirlingshire was Kilsyth with Team Murray, for Forth and Endrick it was Buccaneers and Team Ferguson, Central Scotland was represented by Blairdrummond and Team Brisbane and West Lothian by Uphall and Team Forgan.

On Rink B it was Kilsyth against Buccaneers and on Rink C it was Uphall against Blairdrummond. 

Kilsyth got off to a flying start managing to score a 5 in the very first end just chipping out Buccaneers stones in an aggressive opener. On the other sheet Uphall took a single. In the second end, despite attempted takeouts, Kilsyth managed to steal a 2 from Buccaneers to lead 7 v 0. Blairdummond meanwhile took a single to level the score at 1 v 1.

In the third end Buccaneers finally got a score of 2 by knocking up three of their stones to chip out the lying Kilsyth counter, a great shot from Third Russell and then guarding their stones. Blairdrummond meanwhile stole a single from Uphall to lead 1 v 2.

Kilsyth got into trouble in the fourth end and only a determined strike from skip Murray to remove several Buccaneer counters reduced the damage to a steal of 1. Meanwhile skip Brisbane for Blairdrummond threaded a lovely takeout through a narrow port of two Uphall guards to move their counter and lie two to which Uphall had no response. Blairdrummond now led 1 v 4.

In the fifth end, Kilsyth carefully scored a single as the head built up and takeouts were traded on both sides while for Uphall the roof fell in losing a 5. A wall of stones was built by both sides and try as they might, Uphall could not break through to the button. it was now 1 v 9.

The sixth end was to be the final end in both games. Despite valiant efforts Buccaneers could not remove the two counters for Kilsyth and shook hands at 10 v 3. Meanwhile a wall of stones again build up for Blairdrummond and two good draws secured a score of 2 and a final result of 1 v 11.

So the final on the 13th of March will be Kilsyth v Blairdrummond.