2023 AGM Minutes

Tuesday 18th April, 8:00pm. Stirling Cricket Club


1. Attendees: Norman Ainslie, Ritchie Stewart, Joe Kincaid (Forth ValleyArea), Stephen Walker (Blair Drummond), Marcus Wood (Bridge of Allan), Bill Strang (Scottish Central Province), Grant Farquharson (Balfron), Gill Smith (Forth & Endrick Province and Strathendrick), Neil Murray (Kilsyth), Laura Lee (Borestone & Stirling), Fraser Sutherland (Stirlingshire Province and Falkirk), David Leslie (Bridge of Allan), Derek Young (Gateway, Stirling Young Curlers, Drymen), Emma Lamb (Stirling Young Curlers), Alex Duncan (Stirlingshire Province and Bonnybridge), Charles Mackie (Denny), Donnie MacLeod (Doune), Alan Wilson (Stirlingshire Province and FIRCC)

2. Apologies for absence: Val Saville (Doune), Michele Hartley (Falkirk Ladies), Janet Simpson (Drymen), Fiona Glass (Strathendrick), Marjorie Christie (Falkirk Ladies)

3. Minutes of AGM 2022 [sent 1st May 2022]

Matters arising, none.

4. Chairman’s Report

Harry Brodie, Chair - None presented.

5. ASC Report

Attended meetings throughout the year. The minutes of the ASC meetings and joint LSC meetings are available on the RCCC website to view. The biggest breakthrough this year is that the FV ASC reps have been invited to join the committee meetings of The Stirling Curling Group which is good news as we now see how Curling in the Peak is organised. Mike Ferguson the President of the RCCC was delighted to hear this and encouraged other ice rinks to follow suit.

Norman Ainslie [Rep Forth Valley]

6. USA Men’s Tour 2022

  • 20 USA tourists played in Stirling 21st Jan 2023
  • NCA used over 2 sessions
  • 32 players from 4 Provinces involved.
  • Supported by Stirling Council, 4 Provinces and some clubs
  • USA beaten in both sessions over all.
  • Springkerse View used for breakfast and lunch
  • Stirling Court Hotel used for evening meal and entertainment.
  • Only received enough volunteers to play
  • Funding provided by Clubs, Provinces, Area plus Stirling Council and Silent Auction.

 FV USA tour account 2023

There followed a lengthy discussion regarding the tour organisation. The original tour setup was beset by problems due mainly to the fact that no Stirling based player had been involved with the tour to the USA.

  • The overall tour manager passed away.

  • The tour member allocated for Stirling suffered a heart attack and was never really involved.

  • The tour booked the ice at full price. The Area had to reschedule it to get better timings and the discounted rate.

  • The Area was only engaged in October with minimal information. Everything had to be done in a rush.

  • Thanks to Stirling Young Curlers cancelling a morning session, there was enough time between morning and afternoon play for lunch.

  • Because the Peak no longer has catering and a restaurant, the Area had to book the Springkerse View for breakfast and lunch. This added to the overall cost. The restaurant did a very good job at feeding the USA.

  • The number of players who signed up to play used the two substitutes and one Province supplied an extra player. The method of communicating with players are emails from the Area to Provinces who then cascade to member clubs. It is then up to secretaries to forward to all their members. 

  • Tour information was last minute, such as courier contacts, USA teams playing and resting etc.

  • Stirling Council provided £500 plus gifts for the tourists.

  • A silent Auction raised more money thanks to Marcus Wood and Ritchie Stewart donations.

  • Glengoyne Distillery donated whisky miniatures.

  • Most of all, the method of funding tours in the past (Canada) and this one proved contentious with Provinces and clubs subsidising players to keep the cost down.

  • The overall success of the tour was highlighted and a small surplus was achieved.

The next tour being Switzerland was looked at. Stirling had 3 players touring, Derek Young, Norman Ainslie and Harry Brodie. There shouldn’t be an issue with local representation and tour oversight.

Neil Murray gave several Canadian examples of how they funded tours. Donations of food from companies would be difficult to use in Stirling, but sponsorship could be achieved in future. It does require time to achieve and the USA tour had no time. It was suggested that RCCC is better placed to get sponsorship for the entire tour. 

Stirling Council can commit up to £1000, that amount should be applied for.

Tour funds were discussed, only Stirlingshire Province has one. All Provinces could have them. How they are charged can vary. Clubs pay into Stirlingshire, but also members paying is an option. Would that encourage people to play?.

Further discussions will be required for the next tour.

FV Accounts 2023 

7. Financial Statement

  • Small increase in cash achieved.
  • Trophy engraving is always behind the season played.
  • As is paying for the current AGM.
  • Ice fees funded prizes for the competition winners.

8. Area Subscription

  • Increase for 2023-2024 at £5.00 agreed last AGM.

  • There will be no increase this time.

  • Ice fees will increase to reflect the increasing cost of ice. Area competitions will be charged at £96 per sheet. 

9. Area Committee and Representatives

  • Harry Brodie chair now finished, Norman Ainslie steps up as CHAIR for 2 years

  • Derek Young is nominated as Representative for 4 years.

10. Election of Secretary and Treasurer

  • Secretary Joe Kincaid now finished..After discussion, Stephen Walker agreed to take on the role. Joe will book the ice for next season and conduct a handover. To be arranged.

  • Treasurer Ritchie Stewart now finished. As no treasurer came forward, Derek Young agreed to do it in the short term, pending appointing a new one.

  • There followed a discussion about rotas to provide the secretary and treasurer. On a vote 4 agreed but there were none against. The secretary will draw up a rota. There will be 2 year rotations for these posts. It was then agreed to widen it to all Area posts, with Stirlingshire always having representation and the other Provinces rotating every 12 years. More than enough time to find replacements.

11. Area Competitions 2022-2023

  • Knock-out – Kilsyth

  • Bonspiel – Forth & Endrick / Balfron

  • Championship - Buccaneers 

12. Notices

  • The 185th Annual General Meeting of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club will be held on 1st JULY at FORFAR INDOOR SPORT at 2pm.  Forfar Indoor Sports, Suttieside Road, Forfar, DD8 3NG
  • The 63rd Annual General Meeting of the Ladies’ Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club will be held on Saturday 13th May 2023 at 2pm in Lanarkshire Ice Rink, 91 Mote Hill, Hamilton ML3 6EL.
  • RCCC subscription at £25.00. Next season?

13. AOCB

14. Prize giving for above competitions finished the night.