Postponed 2020 Champoinship Final

The 2019-20 Championship Final took place at the Peak on the Tuesday 31st of August at 8:30pm in the main arena. This was different from originally booked due to an additional British Curling competition taking place in the NCA.

Feedback from the Livingston team was as follows "Livingston lost 9-3 but it was a good game and at the end of the seventh end the score was 4-3 but Buccaneers had the last stone in the eighth end and despite Livingston putting up lots of guards, Buccaneers managed to get in to score 5.  The team members have told me that the final score did not reflect the closeness of match." A worthy final then, well done to both teams.

BUCCANEERS are the season 2019-20 Area Champions.