Elsham Parish Council Agenda The next meeting of the Elsham Parish Council is to be held on Tuesday 20th March 2018. Starting at 6.30 pm. (Please note the revised start time.)

The Agenda is shown below and will also be displayed on the Notice Board at Elsham Village Hall prior to the meeting. 

Public Participation

Members of the public may raise subjects, which they wish to bring to the attention of the Parish

Council. Items relating to matters on the agenda will be taken first and any decisions will be made

when the meeting is declared opened. The time will be restricted to 15 minutes maximum unless the

Council decides otherwise. Listeners should note that decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda.


1803/1      Apologies for absence

       To note apologies for absence.

1803/2      Declaration of Interest

  1. To record declarations of interest by any member of the council in respect of the agenda items listed   below. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.
  2. To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items listed below.

1803/3      Minutes of Previous meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 20th February, 2018 to be approved and signed.

1803/4     Clerk’s Report

To receive a progress report for information. See appendix A. (Items requiring decisions will be on this agenda or placed on the next agenda).

 1803/5      Report from Ward Cllrs on NLC issues

To receive a report from the Ward Councillors on North Lincolnshire Council issues.

 1803/6     Delegates Reports

  1. To receive an update on the play area, including the drainage options available determining any further actions required.
  2. To receive an update on the Elsham Quarry with regard to the Tesco funding and Management agreement with NLC determining any further actions.
  3. To receive an update from the latest LVF, determining actions required.
  4. To receive the completed safety check sheets including the NLC report from the recent inspection, determining any actions required.
  5. To consider the arrangements for the 11/11/18 beacon lighting event determining actions required.

 1803/7      Police Matters / NATs / Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)

To receive an update verbal / written report from Humberside Police / NATs and the NHW representative.

1803/8     Highways / Neighbourhood Services / NLC issues

  1. To notify the Clerk of any further issues to be taken up with NLC.
  2. To determine actions required with regard to the response from NLC on the village signage.
  3. To receive an update report with regard to the installation of a bus shelter at the bus stop on New Street determining any actions required.

 1803/9     Planning

To receive any decisions from North Lincolnshire Council.

 1803/10   Correspondence for Discussion/Decision

  1. To be notified of the NALC Parliamentary Briefing on Data Protection Bill determining any actions required.
  2. To determine actions required with regard to the ERNLLCA - Ethical Standards Review - Review of Code of Conduct.

Correspondence for Information

  1. NATs – date and place of the next meeting is 17th April, 6pm at Worlaby Village Hall.
  2. Highway update.
  3. Response from Ward Cllrs with regard to planning application response from the Parish Council.
  4. LVF Draft Minutes 21/02/18.

1803/11    Accounts

  1. To receive an update on the NLC In Bloom project determining any further actions required.
  2. To consider entry to the Best Kept Village Competition 2018.
  3. To consider a donation towards the Lindsey Age UK group.
  4. To approve the monthly accounts for payment. See financial report.

 1803/12    Minor Items

  1. To take any points from members.
  2. Matters of correspondence for information which arrived after the agenda was posted.

 1803/13    Agenda Items for the next meeting

 1803/14    To confirm the date and time of the next meeting as Tuesday 15th May, 2018 at 6.30pm at Elsham Village Hall. This will consist of the Annual Parish Meeting, The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council followed by the May Parish Council Meeting.


1803/15    To consider the exclusion of the public and press in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 s1(2) due to the confidential nature of the items to be discussed

Clerks Report - Appendix A

  1. Clerk has contacted NLC with regard to the drainage access, awaiting further investigations from NLC. Clerk has also contacted a further contractor to provide a quote and ask for the original contractor to provide a description of works.
  2. Clerk has reported the incident of salesman knocking in Elsham.
  3. Fly tipping on Middlegate Lane has been reported to NLC.
  4. Clerk has requested the bus shelter is slanted and flat rather than rounded and that it has clearing backing.
  5. Clerk has emailed NLC Ward Cllrs with regard to planning application comments from the Parish Council. Agenda item.


Deb Hotson, Parish Clerk –  79 Top Road, Worlaby North Lincolnshire, DN20 0NG

Telephone: 0784 220 1877 Email: theparishcouncil@outlook.com