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We would like thank all those people who helped again this year with the Village Fete, whether by setting up on day, running stalls, providing events, buying draw tickets, or just coming along on the day to spend your cash!

We made just over £3,900 profit this year – a great result! The money will be split equally between the Village Hall & All Saints Church and help with planned repairs and improvements.

From the Fete Committee

(All Saints Church & Hanna’s Field Charity)

See the photo album here.

For the 2013 Fete details see the Programme and the photographs .




We would like thank all those people who helped this year with our Village Fete, whether by setting up on the day, running stalls, providing events, buying draw tickets, or just coming along on the day to spend your cash!

We made £3,472.04 profit this year – a great result! The money will be split equally between the Village Hall & All Saints Church and help with planned repairs and improvements.

 From Jenny Ash and the Fete Committee

 (All Saints Church & Hanna’s Field Charity)



Please see the photo album. Profit was £3796.65.



The Profit made was £3,472.70.

 Children in fancy dress ready to march with their banner.

The fancy dress parade to open the fete and mark the 25th. Anniversary of the Village Hall.

 A mystery blonde

Who is this mystery Blonde?

Children marching

Some footballers join the parade. 

The teddy tombola stall

If it's furry it's on the Teddy Tombola Stall.

Tombola stall

Lots of goodies on the Tombola Stall

Revd Pam on the microphone with the dancers standing in front

Revd Pam introducing the Church Dancers

Angela standing behind the cake stall

The Cake Stall is well stocked, but it won't be for long!

Judges examining the miniature gardens

David judging the Miniature Garden Competition.

The White Elephant Stall

Iris and Linda with a treasure trove of White Elephants, and in the distance crowds are watching the 5-a-Side Football Tournament

Bookstall under a gazebo

Christine and Alan manning the Bookstall

Closer view of the cakes on the Cakestall

The cakes are worth a second, closer look!

Tall inflateable slide

The Slide is proving popular.

Magic show with children watching

Ali Barmy performing to a fascinated audience

Selling raffle tickets

Grand Draw Ticket sales.

Two black labradors lying on the grass

Patiently waiting to perform.

Les explaining the use of the lead

Les demonstrating how to prevent pulling on the lead

 Les demonstarting walking two labs without leads

Now walking without the lead

Spring spaniel lying on the grass

Is it my turn yet?

 Two springer spaniels

Waiting for instructions

Four of the belly dancers

Karima Dance

5 dancers

Colourful costumes


Swirling veils

Swirling Veils 

More swirling veils

Flying veils

The audience joining in with the dancers

The audience joins in

Audience participation

Learning the moves

 Punch and the ghost

It's behind you!

Punch, the clown and the crocodile

Happy ending

2nd under 11s team with medals

St. Peter's, West Hanningfield. Runners-up under 11s, 5-a-side Football Tournament

2nd under 10s

6th Chelmsford Cubs, Runners-up under 10s, 5-a-side Football Tournament

Team holding trophy

6th Chelmsford Cubs, Winners under 11s, 5-a-side Football Tournament

Team holding trophy

25th Chelmsford Cubs, Winners under 10s, 5-a-side Football Tournament

Garden prize giving

David gives the prize for the best miniature garden.

Child in fairy costume eating hot dog

Even fairies get hungry, and the hotdogs are very good!

Grand Draw

Revd Pam picks the first ticket for the Grand Draw.

Holding up the first prize

Angela wins the 1st Prize in the Grand Draw donated by Intercounty Estate Agents.

Receiving the Royal Tiger prize

Jackie presents John with the Meal for 4 & bottle of wine donated by the Royal Tiger Restaurant

Wine winner

Nick wins the case of quality wine donated by Cummunicate Ltd.

Inside beer tent

Fete sponsors Martyn Gard and David Chennells relaxing in the beer tent

Ball winner

The winner of the Andon Scouts Kick-a-ball competition

Teddy winner

Mike and Chris with the winner of the Guess the Name of the Teddy Competition


Car winner

The winner of the Guess the Car Reg Competition 

Hanna's Field Charity and All Saints' Church wish to gratefully acknowledge the support and generosity of Martyn Gard and J Gard & Sons Ltd, and D. Chennells(Farmers & Growers with Storage & Workshops To-Let) as event sponsors, but also the help and support of the following wonderful people in also providing sponsorship and prizes:

 Carol Phillips and Intercounty Estate Agents for the first prize in the Grand DrawBarry Hearn and Match Sport Ltd for help with the 5-a-side tournament, Paul Edwards and Chelmer Site Investigations & Hanningfield Utilities for sponsorship.  The RHS and Hyde Hall Gardens.  Andrew Miller at Communicate Ltd, Ash at The Royal Tiger RestaurantPhil Meacham at the Chelmsford Dance Centre, John and Ben at East Hanningfield MotorsKelly Turkeys and Ash at the Village Shop.

 For the entertainment we would like to thank Les Draper for his gundogs, Karima and her Belly Dancers and the All Saints' Church Dancers.

For the 5-a-side Football Tournament, we would like to thank the teams from our Local Schools and Cub Scout Packs.

Thank you also to the following for their help with providing stalls: East Hanningfield PreschoolHanna's TotsBethel ChurchSandon ScoutsChristine & Pat Harvey with family and friends.  Also thanks to East Hanningfield Parish Council, the Editor and Newsletter distributors for help with getting the programme to every house in the Parish.  Not forgetting thanks to our friend Jim Harris at Sirrah Print Services (East Hanningfield Industrial Estate) for once again printing the programme for us.

Lastly thanks to all the many other helpers without whom the Fete would not happen.



The profit made was £3,388.94.

The East Hanningfield Village Fete, held on Saturday, 11th. September, 2010, made a profit of £3,300, which is shared equally between Hanna's Field Charity and All Saints' Church.  Well done to everyone who contributed their time and energy and thanks to all our friends who came along to spend their money.

 Rain clouds hanging over the playing field

 The forecast was for rain at one o'clock. Would we be lucky?
 Alex Opening the Fete
 Alex from Heart Essex opened the Fete.
 People browsing at the book stall
 Browsers busy looking for bargains on the book stall.
 Children watching the magic sho
 Ali Barmy's Magic Show has just started.
People around a stall
Lots of interest in the prize of a meal at the Town Crier.
 Boy trying the shoting gallery
 The Shooting Gallery is attracting interest.
Bouncy Castle and other stalls
Bouncy Castle, Swing Boats and other stalls
 Ali Barmy has as a Helper
 Ali Barmy's helper has found it!
 Child at coconut shy
 This throw didn't win a coconut. On the other hand Jim Howe won four coconuts with five throws. Can you beat that?
 Emily Garner Singing
Emily Garner sings.
 Girls on the swingboats
 Fun on the Swingboats
 Crockery Stall
Smashing the Crockery, and it's still not raining!
 Jackie Feehan presents Emily with a bouquet
 Jackie presents Emily with a bouquet, and the sun has come out!
Jumping the wall
Look at that jump!
 Leaping over jumps
 A long jumper as well!
 Border collie leaping
Another long jumper
 Spaniel jumping over the wall
 Another high jumper.
 Dog Display - Racing
 The Obstacle Race
 Landing after the jump
That was a clean jump.
 Poodle passing through the hoop
 The poodle finishes the race by passing through the hoop.
Mr. Punch and the ghost
It's behind you!
Clare's Angels
Clare's Angels
 Winning Football Team
 Gold Medals for the Winning 5-a-Side Team
Runners Up
The Runners Up
Quarter Finalist Teams
The Teams in the Quarter Finals with a fan.
First Prize
Carol Phillips of Intercounty presents the First Prize in the Grand Draw.
The winner of the meal for four
Winning the meal for four at the Izumi Restaurant.
The winner of the box of wine
The happy winner of the box of quality wine.
Helper picking ticket
A helper picking the next winning ticket
 More wine
Another prize of wine.
 The winners of the voucher for the village shop
The winner of the Voucher for the Village Shop presented by Ash.

Hanna's Field Charity and All Saints' Church wish to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Martyn Gard and J Gard & Sons Ltd, and David Chennells & Co as event co-sponsors, but also, for sponsorship and prizes, the help and support of:

Carol Phillips and Intercounty Estate Agents;

Paul Edwards and Chelmer Site Investigations & Hanningfield Utilities;

RHS and Hyde Hall Gardens;

Tony Fordham and Fordham Electrical;

Mike Kirkham and the Zenxi and Izumi restaurants;

Phil Meacham and Chelmsford Dance Centre;

John and Ben at East Hanningfield Motors;

Barry Hearn; Kelly Turkeys and Ash at the Village Shop.

For the entertainment we would like to thank Alex from Heart Essex, Emily Garner, Clare Blome and Clare's Angels, and Eric Nicholls and the owners from Iceni Dog Training. For the 5-a-side football tournament, our Local Schools and Cub Scout Packs.

We would like also to thank the following for their help in providing stalls: East Hanningfield Preschool; Hanna's Tots; Bethel Church; Sandon Scouts and Christine & Pat Harvey and friends.

Lastly, but no means least, our friend Jim Harris at Sirrah Print Services (East Hanningfield Industrial Estate) for printing the programme again.




The Profit made was £3,339.86.

Fete 2009 Pictures Part 1

Fete 2009 Pictures Part 2



The Profit made was £3,560.70.

 Fete starting
 Time for teas.
 Busy burgers
 Burgers are going well.
 Ali Barmy
 Ali Barmy is as popular as ever.
 The Police generate interest.
 Games to play
 One of the many games to play.
 Pony rides
 Everyone wants a pony ride.
 Flying high on the swing boats.
 Long view
 Wasn't it busy?
 11s & Unders
 11s & Unders Champions, St. Mary's Woodham Ferrers.
Iceni Dogs
 Collies from Iceni Dog Training
 Little Angels
 Clare's Little Angels.
 Claire's Angels
 Clare's Angels
Punch & Judy
 Punch & Judy.
 Kool Note Kids
 Kool Note Kids Sing Joseph
 Welly Champ
 Pete, the Champion Welly Wanger
 Burger King
 Burger King and Princess
 More Champs
 9s and Unders Champions from St. Peter's West Hanningfield
 Great team players
 Great teams
 Announcing the Grand Draw Winners
 Announcing the Grand Draw Winners
 Winning the crate
 Winning the Crate of Wine.
 Auction Winner
 The Proud Winner of the Autographed Warsop Cricket Bat Auction


Hanna’s Field Charity and All Saints’ Church gratefully acknowledge the following:

Event Sponsorship by Martin Gard  & J Gard & Sons Ltd.,

Programme printing by Jim Harris at C. Andrews Printers Ltd.,

Grand Draw Prizes donated by:

  • Lincoln Roberts,
  • Church & Hawes,
  • Regal Busways,
  • Mike Kirkham for Hoyzen & Izumi restaurants,
  • Kelly’s Turkeys,
  • Phil Meacham for Chelmsford Dance Centre,
  • RHS Hyde Hall Gardens,
  • Ben & John at East Hanningfield Motors,
  • Ash at the Village Shop.

Entertainment provided by:

  • Eric and Iceni Dog Training,
  • Clare and Clare’s Angels,
  • Natalie and KoolNote Kids.

The Bar provided by Mike Harris and family.

The Autographed Cricket Bat provided by Warsops.

Loan of equipment provided by East Hanningfield Primary School.

Pony Rides provided by the Oxlade family.

The four referees and football team organisers.

The many local people who provided and/or ran stalls, who helped set up and who helped tidy up at the end. 




 Dogs demonstrating that they can "wait".

 Dog display

 Barbeque and cream teas are popular.

Circle of dogs

 The dogs in a circle

Preschool Stalls

 Behind all the people are the Preschool and Hanna's Tots stalls.

Junior Iconics

 The junior Iconics dancers with their pompoms.

Mr. Punch

 Hello Mr. Punch.


 The Bookstall with the 5.a.side football in the distance.


 Mr. Punch doesn't believe there's a ghost.

 Mre refreshments

 More refreshments - Icecream van and beer tent


 The Iconics at the "Car Wash".

 Assault Course

 The very popular Assault Course.


Still busy

 Still busy.




 Burger Stall Burger Technicians 
 Football Field Going to Watch the Football
 Police Visitors Police Presence
 Master of Ceremonies Master of Ceremonies Colin
 Stalls Cream Teas and Stalls
 Ollie's First Fete  His First Fete
 More Stalls  More Stalls
 Punch  Mr. Punch
 Raffle Ticket Sellers Raffle Ticket Sales
 Dog Display Synchronised Dog Walking
 Sitting Dogs Well-behaved Dogs
 Perfect Poodle Perfectly Behaved Poodle
 Thumbs Up Burgers Are Selling Well
 Boy Gladiators Boy Gladiators
 Have I really won? Has my Ticket Really Won?
 Girl Gladiators Girl Gladiators
 Choosing a Prize Choosing a Raffle Prize