Footpaths Noticeboard

 The Footpaths Noticeboard can be found at The Tye beside the access to Gard.

In March 2005, the Parish Council published its Parish Recreational Walks pack, with support funding and advice from the Parish Paths Partnership at Essex County Council Highways and Transportation Department. The pack comes in a waterproof cover and contains four laminated walks cards which have a map on one side and a description of the route on the other. For a copy please send an A5 self addressed, stamped envelope to the Clerk to the Council, 2 Clinton Close, East Hanningfield, CM3 8AZ.

The Route Descriptions are as follows:

Map of round walks





Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours.

Distance: Approximately 4 miles.

 View of Parish Church through the trees.


Map of Walk 1

Set off opposite the Church to walk west along St. Peter's Way. Go past the Primary School on the left and the Village Hall to the right. At the way-marker cross Hanna's Field and continue straight on until you reach Back Lane. Cross over the road and continue straight on. You will see Claydons Manor across the field to your right.

Drawing of Claydons Manor by Richard Higgins

Continue on leaving Hill Farm on your left. Continue over the next stile (take left side of hedge) until you reach the road (Old A130, Southend Road). Turn right, past Glebe Cottages and at the large lay-by turn right on to footpath. Follow the track, bearing right then left through some young oak trees and over a stile. Turn right, over another stile, then turn left and continue over two fields to reach Claydons Farmhouse on your left. Claydons Manor (not visible) and Claydons Farm Bungalow are on your right. When you reach Back Lane, turn right, retracing your steps at the stile on the left (St. Peter's Way) back to the Village Hall.

Round Walk 1 Map pdf









Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Distance: Approximately 3 miles


Map of round walk 2

Take the footpath at the entrance to Highfields Farm via Bicknacre Road and Highfields Mead. With Highfields Farmyard on the right, continue on the track following the way-markers along the edge of the field bearing left, right, then right again to the gap in the hedge. Turn left through the gap and continue straight across the middle of the field to the mobile homes on your left. Proceed to the next stile and go around the pond to the right, turning right at the footpath crossroads. 

Continue straight on,taking the small path beside 'Badgers' drive. Walk through the wood and over the small bridge. Finally, at the edge of wood turn right over another small bridge. continue along the path, over the stile, down the edge of the field to join Bicknacre Road beside South Gibcracks. Turn right and walk along Bicknacre Road into the village with Highfields Mead on the right.

Round Walk Map 2 pdf


Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Distance: Approximately 2.2 miles


Willis Farm

Willis Farm

 Map of Round Walk 3

Set off opposite Willis Farm on the main road, over the bridge, then diagonally across the field and over another bridge. Follow the field boundary on the left until the next bridge, then cross and continue along the left field boundary to a gap in the hedge. Walk diagonally across next field following the way-markers, over the stile into a wood and old churchyard. Further along, the path divides and either continue straight on, exiting wood with East Hanningfield Hall lawns on your left, to join the road by the pond, or alternatively, take the left path and bear right between the graves to the stile.

Drawing of East Hanningfield Hall by Richard Higgins

Exit the wood, following the way-markers around the left of the property in front and to the right to meet the road further down.

Turn right in both cases, taking the road to the junction with Pan Lane.

Turn right and return to the village along Old Church Road.

Round Walk 3 pdf






Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles


Rough Hill House on the Tye

Rough Hill House is the white building.

The path is to the left of the fence.

 Map of Round Walk 4

Drawing of the Mill by Richard Higgins


On the Village Green opposite the Mill, take the footpath to the left of Rough Hill House, setting off along St. Peter's Way. After passing Back Butts Farm, bear left diagonally across the fields, over a high stile beside the pond to Leighams Farm. Go over a stile bridge to Leighams Road. Turn right and walk down the road to pick up the footpath on the right before Quilters. Follow the track beside the stables. At the second hatchery, continue left, following the way-markers across two fields and over the stile into Robson's Meadow (part of Willis Farm), finally over another stile into the village approximately 200 metres from the start point.

Round Walk 4 pdf.


 Village Green

 East Hanningfield Tye

 Map of dog bin locations in East Hanningfield village