The Parish Council is aware of the increasing reliance by policy making bodies, such as the County and Borough Councils, on COMMUNITY-LED PLANS to inform their decision making.

East Hanningfield did not have a community-led plan, and the Parish Council saw this as a barrier to the wishes of the residents, the community, being upheld when important decisions were being made.

During June 2009 a QUESTIONNAIRE  was delivered to every home in the parish.  The answers given by residents to the Questionnaire were used to form the East Hanningfield Parish Plan, so it was important that everyone completed and returned their Questionnaires. If you would like to read about community-led planning the Rural Community Council of Essex has produced explanatory guides.

To help communities understand the planning framework within which community-led plans have to operate a Statutory Planning Guidance Pack was recently published by the Rural Community Council of Essex. It is also a good basic introduction to the Local Development Framework, which is replacing the Local and Structure Planning system.

Initial work on identifying the concerns of residents began with a stand displayed at the Annual Art Exhibition in July, 2008.

For more information and the completed East Hanningfield Parish Plan and the Village Design Statement that is currently underway please go to the dedicated website.

Malcolm Thomas manning the stand

Malcolm Thomas manning the exhibition

residents' comments

Comments posted by residents. Green for good points and pink for problems.

Wider view of display

Some issues identified.