A Housing Needs Survey was distributed in the Spring edition of East Hanningfield News.  Completed survey forms were returned direct to the Housing Enabler at the Rural Community Council of Essex for analysis. The recommendation from the survey was as follows:

"Fifteen forms were received and identified as having a need for affordable housing. Following general planning guidance this would lead to a recommendation of 7 units.  At this stage it is recommended that 3 one bedroom units, 2 two bedroom units and 2 three bedroom units be considered. There is some indication that income and savings levels could support shared ownership tenure in 1 or 2 units but the majority be rented.

"Size and tenure of units should be reviewed if or when a scheme goes ahead in consultation with the Parish Council, the selected housing association and Chelmsford City Council.

A survey to update the 2012 findings is planned for some time in 2016.


The Geffrey Close Scheme

 Housing Site

 Progress as at 18th. June, 2006

Tenants and part-purchasers moved in before Christmas 2006. 

A total of 101 applications were received for the housing of which 73 were for the rented accommodation, 8 for the shared ownership accommodation and 20 were for either. Seven of these applications were withdrawn before allocation.

Of the remaining 94 applications 49  were from applicant households with no local connection. There were 15 applications from residents of neighbouring villages who would have been elegible had there been too few local applicants.

There were 30 applicant households with truly local connections, and it was from this group that the successful candidates were chosen.

In the event that either a shared ownership or rented property becomes available for re-let at Geffrey Close the property will be advertised by Chelmsford City Council in a Home Option Freesheet.  Households registered on the Council’s Housing Register (Known as Homeseekers) will be able to register their interest in the property by either bidding online via www.homeoption.org or by telephone.


When the bidding deadline for the property has closed then the City Council will prioritise a nominee in accordance with the criteria set out in the planning agreement dated 7th Feb 2005 between the Council and Colne Housing Society.  

Applicants need to ensure they are registered on the Council’s HR and that they have been given a Home Options Identification Number (HOIN) to enable them to bid for a property. 



An outline planning application for 10 affordable homes for local people and 10 open market homes on a site between Back Lane and Old Church Road has received planning permission. As before, it is essential that anyone who would like to be considered for the affordable housing should be on the City Council's housing list.