Set up in 1998, at a time when the benefits of shared ownership of an investment portfolio came to be recognised, DSLIC has survived Stock Market boom and bust to become one of Drayton’s enduring institutions.

Twenty members pool their financial resources (in the form of a refundable entry sum and a monthly subscription) to buy shares. Share-buying (and of course selling) decisions are made at the club’s monthly meetings. Any member can propose a share for purchase or sale in the name of the Club; if the proposer makes a convincing case, our hard-working Treasurer buys (or sells) the share through a majority vote. Individuals can sell their holdings at any time, by prior agreement.

DSLIC provides a cost-effective route to investment in the Stock Exchange and our meetings can be highly entertaining, held as they are in the “Catherine Wheel”, our local pub. With perhaps one exception, none of us would claim detailed knowledge of the Stock Market, but the value of DSLIC’s portfolio recently rated seventh out of 325 in a nationwide “League Table” run by Barclayshare, and at the time these lines are posted on this Website, most of our members have made very worthwhile returns (the cost of drinks has not, however, been factored in).