Welcome and Offering Rota October 2017 - January 2018
Date Welcome and Offering Reading
Oct 01 Hazel* Amanda Henry Hazel
Oct 08 Julie* Jean Muriel Julie
Oct 15 Jill* Judith Elizabeth Elizabeth
Oct 22 Molly Hazel Amanda* Julie
Oct 29 Henry* Julie Jean Molly
Nov 05 Muriel* Jill Julie Jill
Nov 12 Elizabeth Molly* Hazel Alistair
Nov 19 Amanda* Henry Judith Hazel
Nov 26 Jean* Muriel Jill Judith
Dec 03 Julie Elilzabeth Molly* Elizabeth
Dec 10 Hazel* Amanda Henry Julie
Dec 17 Judith* Jean Muriel Molly
Dec 24 Jill* Julie Elizabeth Jill
Dec 31 Molly Hazel Amanda Alistair
Jan 07 Henry* Judith Jean Hazel
Jan 14 Muriel* Jill Julie Judith
Jan 21 Elizabeth Molly* Hazel Elizabeth
Jan 28 Amanda* Henry Judith Julie


If, apart from illness, you are unable to do your duty on the day specified, you are responsible for arranging a substitute from among the other members of the duty rota. When * appears after an elders name, he/she is the elder in charge for that day and should check that the church is set up and cleared at the end.

From 10 am one duty person should be at the door of the building to welcome people and one duty person should be at the door to the sanctuary to hand out Orders of Service. One person on duty should bring the offering forward at the end of the first hymn. All those on duty should help with the counting of the offerings.