Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Parish Council operates under a set of mandatory regulations which are:

1. Standing Orders, which define the way in which the Parish Council operates.

2. Financial Regulations which set out the rules by which the Parish Council manages its money and procures new services and these may be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the links below.  

In January 2021the Parish Council voted to adopt a Scribe Revenue and Receipts accounting system as produced by Starboard Systems Ltd. The Scribe system is more suited to the needs of the Parish Council which, with an income of less that £200,000 per annum, is eligible to use Revenue and Receipts accounting processes as opposed to the more complex accrued accounting system provided by Sage 50 Accounts. Scribe is also a web-based system which means back-ups are more secure and multiple user access is possible. As a result, Scribe is to be used from 01/04/2021 onwards, so please substitute “Scribe” in place of “Sage” in the following Financial Regulations text.

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations