Power of General Competence

Doddinghurst Parish Council, having become eligible, resolved to adopt the Power of General Competence in July 2012 and renewed this in June 2016 following the 2016 full council election. (Item 8 of the meeting of the 5th July 2012 and at Item 12 of its full Council meeting on the 2nd June 2016

Details of the power and its eligibility criteria, with examples of its use, are here Power of General Competence.

•  The general power of competence is a statutory power of first resort that enables Local Councils to do anything that individuals generally may do and is found in the Localism Act 2011 S 1-8 4 .

•  To be eligible two criteria must be met:

•  Have an electoral mandate of at least two thirds.

•  Have an appropriately qualified clerk.

Once eligible the Council may adopt the power at any meeting of its full council. The council must confirm and minute it remains eligible at a relevant annual council meeting.