Doddinghurst Parish Council Meetings and Minutes

The full Parish Council meetings alternate, on a monthly basis, with the General Purpose meetings. Full Council meet on the first Thursday of the month (in which a meeting is held) in the Parish Room (which is at the rear left hand side of the Village Hall in Church Lane) at 20.00. The General Purpose meetings are on a Wednesday of the month in which a meeting is held, but the date does change so please check the calendar for further details. There are no meetings in August. All meetings are open to the public.

There are three village notice boards (one in front of the Village Hall on Church Lane, one by the small car park on Church Lane and one by Middle Green Bus Stop on Doddinghurst Road) that carry notices of meetings. There is also an annual calendar of scheduled meetings which can be downloaded* from the News page.

Full Council Meeting agenda are available to the general public on the evening of the meeting at the venue and are published a week before the meeting on this website - see the News Page.

Below are copies of the signed minutes of the Full Parish Council meetings since mid 2016, as well as copies of all other Committee Meetings, that are all available to download*. Earlier copies of meeting minutes are available to view at the Parish Office. Note that the May AGM meetings are separately listed as the Annual Parish Council meeting minutes. The annual parish meeting is not a meeting of the parish council.

* All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader simply click the icon below and download it free of charge.

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Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Annual PC Minutes May 2017

Annual PC Minutes May 2018

Annual PC Minutes May 2019

Annual PC Minutes May 2020

Annual PC Minutes May 2021

Annual PC Minutes May 2022

Full Council Meeting Minutes

PC MInutes 010916

PC Extraordinary Minutes 210916

PC Minutes 031116

PC Minutes 120117

PC Minutes 020317

PC Minutes 070617

PC Minutes 060717

PC Minutes 021117

PC Extraordinary Minutes 180118

PC Minutes 180118

PC Minutes 010318

PC Minutes 070618

PC Minutes 050718

PC Minutes 060918

PC Minutes 011118

PC Minutes 170119

PC Minutes 070319

PC Minutes 060619

PC Minutes 040719

PC Minutes 050919

PC Minutes 071119

PC Minutes 160120

PC Minutes 050320

PC Minutes 020720

PC Minutes 030920

PC Minutes 051120

PC Minutes 140121

PC Minutes 040321

PC Minutes 041121

PC Minutes 070621

PC Minutes 050721

PC Minutes 020921

PC Minutes 270122

PC Minutes 030322

PC Minutes 090622

General Purpose Meeting Minutes

GP Minutes 151016

GP Minutes 150217

GP Minutes 190417

GP Minutes 220218

GP Minutes 250418

GP Minutes 200618

GP Minutes 171018

GP Minutes 210219

GP Minutes 180419

GP Minutes 200619

GP Minutes 171019

GP Minutes 120220

GP Minutes 16072020

GP Minutes 151020

GP Minutes 110221

GP Minutes 290421

GP Minutes 170621

GP Minutes 141121

GP Minutes 160222

Finance & Resources Meeting Minutes

F&RC Minutes 161116

F&RC Minutes 170517

F&RC Minutes 221117

F&RC Minutes 140318

F&RC Minutes 100518

F&RC Minutes 211118

F&RC Minutes 160519

F&RC Minutes 211119

F&RC Minutes 180620

F&RC Minutes 210520 Extraordinary

F&RC Minutes 191120

F&RC Minutes 200521

F&RC Minutes 181121

Planning Meeting Minutes

Planning Minutes 250620

Planning Minutes 300720

Planning Minutes 200820

Waterwork Spring Farm Final 2020 with Appendix V2

Planning Minutes 240222

Allotments Meeting Minutes

Allotment Minutes 070217

Allotment Minutes 260418

Allotment Minutes 301018

Allotment Minutes 060220

Allotment Minutes 250521