Doddinghurst Parish Councillors - from May 2021 - see the names and address below.

The Council comprises eleven Councillors. It is re-elected every 4 years and the last election was due in May 2020.  Due to Covid 19, the elections were postponed until May 2021. The Council adopted a code of conduct on the 6th September 2012. A copy is available to download. Click here for the code.

The Register of Members Interests for Doddinghurst Parish Councillers, as required by the Localism Act 2011 and other interests as required by the Monitoring Officer, are available per councillor by clicking below on "RoMI" for the particular Councillor. Original signatures have been redacted from the documents available on the website for personal security reasons but all documents are appropriately signed and the original documents are held by the Clerk, Doddinghurst Parish Council.

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please contact The Clerk on 01277 824245 for more information or by email to:

Cllr Mrs D Dicker 
Chairman - click here for RoMI
68 Lime Grove, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0QY
Telephone : 01277 823410
Cllr Mr G V Smith - click here for RoMI  25 Park Meadow, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0TT
Telephone : XD
Cllr Mr M Capon - click here for RoMI 11 Peartree lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM150RR 
Telephone : XD
Cllr Mr A Smith - click here for RoMI 24 Peartree Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0RP
Telephone: XD
Cllr Mrs K Pond - click here for RoMI

19 Park Meadow, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0TT                                                                        Telephone : XD

Cllr Mrs J Le Page - click here for RoMI Sans Souci, Doddinghurst Road, Doddinghurst, Essex,CM15 0QU
Telephone : 01277 822867
Cllr Mrs D Rogers Harrison - click here for RoMI 16, Harpers Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 ORL
Telephone : XD
Cllr P Arnell - click here for RoMI Treblef, Brook lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0RT 
Telephone : 01277 822240
Cllr Mr D Potter - click here for RoMI 65 The Gardens, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0LX 
Telephone : XD
Cllr Mrs P Brooks - click here for RoMI

Doddinghurst House, Place Farm Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0JA  Telephone : XD

Cllr Mr R McCheyne - click here for RoMI

Pettits Farm, Mountnessing Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex, CM15 0RR