Sitewide administrators have more user administration capabilities than any other type of administrator within Voice.

To access the user admin pages visit the site wide administration interface and select the Users tab, which will offer the choice of two pages.


The Users page starts with the same interface as is offered to other administrators in their Members page. To access the sitewide administration features click the name of the user you would like to administer and on the resulting page click the Administrative options for this user link. This administration page allows the modification of most details of a user's account.

Basic Information

The first information listed shows a form to modify the basic account details including the user's name and email address, a link to return to the standard account info page and the users registration date and last login to the site.

The next section displays the user's account status and a list of account actions, with the following meanings:

Delete - A deleted user's account is put into the deleted state. This means for example the account will no longer show up in the normal user list for a website's members. If a deleted user returns and tries to login to the service they will be notified that they have been deleted and will be offered the chance to re-open their account.

Ban - If a user is banned and attempts to login to the service they will be informed that they have been banned and will not be able to log in.

Require Email Verification/Approve Email - Voice can be configured to require new accounts to confirm they are a real person by clicking a link in an email which is sent to the address they registered with. If the action shown with their member status is Require Email Verification then they have verified their email address correctly. Clicking the link will force them to go through the process again with a new verification email. If the action is Approve Email then the account is waiting for the link in the verification email to be used. In some cases the user may have trouble clicking the link (for example they have lost the email). Clicking the Approve Email action carries out the same action as if they had clicked the verification email link.

Group Membership

The next section shows the user's group membership, for example all the website administration groups and website membership groups they are in. For all groups they are a member of by being directly granted permission you can remove them from the group, removing their membership or administration rights. Be aware that they may also have been inherited into the group you remove them from meaning they will still have the membership or administration rights.

Administrative Actions

The set of links here provide extra capabilities to site wide administrators only, with the meanings detailed here.

Please note that any level of administrator within Voice, including sitewide administrators, cannot find out an account's password for security reasons, and will never need to be told it. If a user is having difficulties logging in related to their password in the first instance they can request a new password themselves using the links on the login page. If they are still having problems you should use the actions here, which will not require you to know their password, to resolve the problem.

The Reset this User's Password link changes the user's password to a randomly generated one by the system and sends them an email with the new password in it. This allows an administrator to let a user know their login details (for example if they have forgotten them) without being aware of the password themselves.

The Update this User's Password link allows you to set a user's password to a value you know. You will be asked to type it in twice to confirm the sequence of characters you have used. This allows you to specify the users password for them if they are having trouble receiving the standard user driven password reset function.

Using the Manage this User's Portrait link allows you to update their portrait picture.

Finally the Login as This User link allows you to login with the user's account without knowing their password. When you have used this link you will no longer have the administration rights granted by your site-wide administrator account and will only have the same permissions as the user you logged in as.