Theme Management

Sitewide administrators have complete control over theme availability within Voice.

Voice is supplied with a default set of themes. These themes will be configured to be available to all website types offered by the service. From this default configuration the administrator has the ability to add new themes, remove themes, and configure which themes are available to which website type through the pages in the Theme Management tab.

Installed Themes

The table displayed on this page is a list of all the currently available themes on the service. It lists the name of the theme, along with with a brief description and a small thumbnail to give an indication of what the theme looks like. The type indicates whether the theme is:

  • System - a default system theme available from when it was first installed
  • Upload - a theme that has been added since the service was started

The remaining column of the table lists the actions you can carry out on a theme.

The download action downloads a zip file containing all of the files used to create the theme. This will give you all the files you need to edit the theme.

The unregister button is only available to "System" themes because they cannot be deleted from the system, but can be unregistered to stop them being available for use by any websites. The theme will then be unavailable but can be re-added for use later if needed. However, "Upload" themes can be deleted, to do this click the delete button. Please note that if you delete an uploaded theme it cannot be recovered again. For this reason if you would like to be able to use it in the future but want to delete it, please download the files for the theme first.

The Installed Themes page also allows you to upload a new theme or re-add a system theme you unregistered previously.

To upload a new theme click the Upload a theme button from the Actions list. The following page includes an upload button to allow you to select a zip file containing the files needed for your theme. For more information on creating a theme please read the Custom Themes help document. After the file upload is complete and the system has installed the new theme it will be added to the installed themes list.

To register a system theme that is already installed on Voice, either because you previously unregistered it or because a new one has become available, click the Register a theme that's already on the server button. Select the theme you would like register and click the add button.

Default Themes

The default themes interface lists all the website types available on Voice along with the theme a newly created website of that type will initially be set up with. To change a default theme click the edit button and select the new default theme from the drop down list next to the website type you would like to modify.

Note: it is possible to specify a default theme for a website type that does not have the theme available to it. This has the behavior that a new website of this type will initially use the default theme but if the administrator selects a different one they will no longer be able to go back to using the initial theme.

Theme Availability

Theme availability allows a sitewide or area administrator to specify which themes are available for selection by administrators on the standard website Theme Administration tab. You can specify the availability of themes in the following ways:

Globally - Themes available globally are the base set available to every website.

By Type - A theme can be made available to a specific type of website as selected by the administrator when they apply.

Site wide administrators also have all the theme availability options as Area administrators, documented in the Area Administrator's Themes Documentation.