Sitewide Administrators' Manual

Sitewide administrators are the highest level of administrator in dotCommunity and have complete control over the entire service.

The sitewide administrators are usually the owners of the service and will be responsible for it's day to day running and maintenance. As a result they have access to extra administration interfaces and information not available to any other administrator. As part of this position they can use all of the capabilities of area administrators as laid out in the Area Level Administrators Manual.

They have greater control over the theming capabilities of dotCommunity and have a more powerful user administration interface available to them. For more information on these administration functions please read the sitewide themes administration manual and sitewide user administration manual.

Sitewide administrators also have access to more information, including the software version, anti spam information, and extra reporting information.

Software Version

The Site Settings tab provides different information to sitewide administrators than when viewed as any other administrator. Selecting the Version page displays information about the version of the underlying dotCommunity toolkit that this service is running. It also offers a link back to the Cambridge Open Systems homepage from where every client and owner of a dotCommunity service can navigate to their specific help and support area. The software version is useful for all support requests to make sure we are able to reproduce the issue you are encountering or would like to improve.

Anti-Spam Information

As part of a standard dotCommunity installation the system attempts to cut out the majority of spam by spotting times when extremely high numbers of connections and posting information come from one internet location. This amount of usage is far higher than even a user working very quickly could achieve. In this case the system uses other complex algorithms to determine if the very high usage user is likely to be a spammer and if they are considered to be so their IP address is firewalled or blocked. The Blocked-IPs page lists all IP addresses that have currently been firewalled or blocked.

Although experience shows that in almost all cases if a user is having trouble connecting then it is usually an unrelated issue there is a posibility that the problem is caused by the firewalling. If a user is having trouble connecting to the service then you can check to see if their IP address is listed on this page. Please note that if they are able to connect at all to the service - even if just to see the front page or login page then the firewall and blocked IP rules cannot be the problem.

Sitewide Reports

Sitewide administrators have both Reports pages as with every other website on dotCommunity however the information displayed in both represents the data for the entire service. This means that:

Site Statistics - will show visitor hits, and all usage information for every website on this dotCommunity instance.

Broken Links - will show broken links through the entire dotCommunity service. This can often result in a very large list of links if many of the sites are not being maintained actively enough.