This helpsheet explains how to get help with your website if you get stuck.

The first thing to check is the documentation. This is split into several sections:

Help Sheets - simple "get started" guides, including this page.

Voice Concepts - explanation of some of the concepts associated with Voice. Read this for an overview of how things fit together.

Community Administrators - for administrators of a single community website.

Area Administrators - for people managing of lots of community sites. Covers more advanced management features and is not intended for community administrators.

Sitewide Administrators - more advanced features available to people managing a Voice itself. These features are not available to most people.

Content Management System - how to use the CMS to create custom webpages.

Standard Applications - an overview of each of the standard applications (Discussions, Photo Album, etc).

Creating Custom Themes - for advanced users who want to create their own look and feel using CSS.