Each Voice website has a powerful system for managing members and administrators. This page explains the four categories of people who visit Voice sites.

The Public

These are people who browse the website without logging in. Typically they will have read access to the site and won't be able to add new content or administer the site.

Registered Users

These are people who have logged into the Voice service, but are not a member of the particular website they are visiting. By default they do not have any special rights on that website - they will only be able to see and do what The Public can do.


Members of a website usually have more access rights than Registered Users and The Public. For example, if a website administrator has enabled the Discussions application then Members would normally be able to contribute to discussions.

If the website is for a group or club of people with membership, club members can become members of the website too, so that they can share information with the group.

For details of how users can become members, see the Users section of the manual.


Website administrators can optionally give administration rights to any other member of their website. These people will be able to access the administration pages of the website, can create content, and will receive all the same notification emails that other administrators receive.

For details of how to give someone administration rights, see the Users section of the manual.