Welcome to your new website! Your site will be configured with an initial setup to get you started but all aspects of the site can be modified so don't worry if at this stage it doesn't look as you would like.

A picture of the website front pageThis diagram shows an example website front page. The layout of the page and the design is dependent on how the service administrators have configured new site creation and may be different, though the key elements will be the same.

All pages of your website include a top bar (1 in the diagram) which includes links to login or logout. When logged in users will see links to manage their account and their membership of your site. For more information on site membership read the Users section.

On the left you will find the main navigation (2), which includes a Home link to return visitors back to the homepage of the site, as well as links to any other pages or applications that you create. Below the navigation items is a widget allowing visitors to share your site on social networks such as Facebook.

The main body of the site (3) will be created for you using information you supplied when you applied for the site. In this case the Contact Information map is automatically generated from your organisation's address.

On the right of the page we see an Includelet showing the some news (4). The content of this includelet is generated automatically from any news stories added to your site. There are lots of Includelets to choose from, for example a listing of upcoming events from your calendar. For further information see the section on the Content Management System.

When you are logged in as an administrator of the site you will see links to manage your website (5). To access the main website administration interface click the Manage Website button. For simple changes to content you can use the Quick Edit button to edit the page inline, viewing it as it will appear when published. Click Edit This Page if you want to edit with access to all the features provided by the CMS.

Finally your website pages include a footer area (6) which includes a link for visitors to leave feedback.

Feedback Form

The feedback form is available to all visitors of a Voice website even if they aren't logged in. It offers them the chance to provide written feedback about any aspect of the site. Once they have completed the form the information is sent to the administrator of the Voice website in an email. The form consists of the following elements:

  1. Feedback Type - A list of different categories for the author to specify the type of feedback they are providing. All types of feedback are emailed to the administrator of the website, however, feedback that is of type "offensive material" will also be sent to the Voice administrators.
  2. Your Name - The name of the person supplying the feedback. As the feedback form is available to all visitors, the person leaving feedback may not be logged in and therefore the system cannot automatically determine who they are.
  3. Your Email Address - The email address of the person leaving the feedback. As with the "Your Name" field, this question is asked because the system is unable to automatically determine who is leaving feedback.
  4. Subject - The subject of the feedback.
  5. Message - The description of the feedback.