Voice regularly analyses all content within all websites and attempts to find any broken links.

The resulting report is available in the standard individual website administration UI for all website administrators. For more information read the Broken Links Report section of the community administrators manual.

To alleviate the need to regularly visit this report page, area administrators can configure an automatically generated broken link report email. Once configured all website administrators under their responsibility will receive an email linking straight to the broken links report administration page within their website whenever a broken link is found.

The broken links functionality is accessed by clicking the Community Management tab, selecting the Email Templates page and clicking the Configure Broken Link Email button. The resulting form allows the administrator to turn the automatic email generation on and off, and select how often website administrators should be reminded about broken links within their site.

Email Templates

The contents of the email sent to administrators who's sites have broken links is defined as an email template. To edit the template select the Email Templates page as above and click the Edit button corresponding to the "Broken Link Report" template.