Voice communicates a wide variety of information to website administrators through emails generated by the service automatically.

Sitewide and area administrators can control when these emails are sent and the contents of them through the email administration pages. To access this functionality click the Community Management tab and then select the Email Templates page.

The action buttons allow the administrator to configure the generation of automatic emails to individual website administrators. To learn more about thus functionality read the Broken Links and Website Inactivity sections of this manual.

The list displays all of the email templates used by the service. Each template comes with some default text which can be left as is. The templates and their use is as follows:

Request Approved (Editable at use time) - This email is sent when a user requests a website which is approved.

Request Denied (Editable at use time) - This email is sent when a user requests a website which is denied.

Emails used by the broken link report functionality:

Broken Link Report

Emails used by the website inactivity functionality:

Community Inactivity, Community Inactivity Final Warning, Community Disabled

All templates marked with "(Editable at use time)" offer the chance to be further tailored before the email is sent. The remainder are sent as part of an automatic process and therefore will be sent exactly as in the template.

If you would like to update the text of one of the email templates click the Edit link next to the relevant template.