The Epiphany

The Feast of The Epiphany   6.1.14     Mt 2, 1-12


As you know ‘Epiphany’ means manifestation, disclosure.

Today we celebrate the revelation of the God of many names in our human form.

 Think of that bit of water between England and France.

What is it called?


English Channel.


But in French it is? La Manche.


In German Armel Kanal.


Same water different names.


 For me

God is there in some way in A SON.


A for Art in all its forms – when it is great art.


In music, in architecture, in dance, painting, in the liturgy, in literature including The Bible and The Koran…


God is there in my Self


In Others


In the beauty of Nature.



God is to do with life’s BOMB.


God is there in life’s











Some people are blind. Some colour-blind. Some God-blind


But if you can recognise God in A SON


And sense the BOMB


Then life is much more fun.



God does not force Himself on us.


He respects us too much to do that.


But if you can realise that presence


And have it within you


You can export it out


Into the lives of your friends and family


And become your own personal Epiphany.


Worth a try this New Year.