As well as the 12.30 Tuesday Masses in the Prayer Room

There is now weekly Prayer 12:00 - 12:30 on Thursdays in the Prayer Room. 

To access it:

stand with your back to Starbucks

-1 floor Churchill Place

and with Barclays on your right

walk to the end of the corridor

pass through the doors

and it is the first door on your right.



John Paul II Foundation for Sport [jp2f4s]

whose CEO is your Chaplain Fr. Vlad

is in need of funds.

please google JP2F4S

and see if you can help.


you can contact fr vlad on

or 07810116508

many thanks

for anything you can do.


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Canary Wharf Catholic Community meeting room

Thanks to Sir George Jacobescu, CEO of Canary Wharf plc - we have a very fine, small meeting room.

This we can use for confessions, spiritual guidance, marriage preparation, bereavement counselling - and much more.

So please do let me know ( if you would like to take advantage of this new facility.

Needless to say, we won't pass your details to any third parties.

Mgr. Vladimir Felzmann
Catholic Chaplain to Canary Wharf
Catholic Chaplain for Sport


Mgr. Father Vladimir Felzmann appointed Chaplain of Canary Wharf Catholic Community

Prof. Mgr. Dr. Fr. VladVladimir Felzmann, born in Prague in 1939, came to London just after World War II. Having studied Civil Engineering  at Imperial College,London and received his DD at the Lateran University in Rome, he was ordained priest in 1969 and in 1999, at the request of Cardinal Hume, was awarded the title of Monsignor [Prelate fo Honour] by the Pope.

 Fr. Vlad [as he tends to be known] was Catholic Chaplain for Sport, CEO of The John Paul II Foundation for Sport , Trustee of The Passage,CaAPA and Genesis.

A social entrepreneur, he founded and directed two annual Westminster Diocese Pilgrimages to Lourdes and founded the Peer Educational Centres SPEC and LOFT at the All Saints Pastoral Centre at London Colney, SPECeast in Wapping and launched The John Paul II Foundation for Sport[JP2F4S] as a Registered Charity, October 2011.

For over 11 years, Fr. Vlad was a member of the Canary Wharf Multifath Chaplaincy Team.


mobile: 07810 116 508