A key role for CVA is bringing the community together - whether that's organisations or residents, to enable......



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 CVSA is the collective voice for about 1,300 voluntary groups and communities in Croydon and brings them together to decide how to take forward issues that are central to their existence and delivery in the borough.

Croydon North East Community Partnership meeting



Local Community Partnerships



Fantastic to learn more about so much important and valuable work occurring. And many opportunities for collaboration, which with so much to do, will be essential.

Dr Anna Clarke, Auckland Surgery



Local Community Partnership events are the best way to find out about what’s happening so that we can signpost into the community.

KevinO’Halloran, Disability Employment Advisor, Department of Work and Pensions.



Homeslessness Forum



Food Banks Network

CVA hosts the Croydon Food Bank and Soup Kitchen Network enabling information sharing, partnership and funding opportunities, identifying gaps and needs, as well as resources, and influencing decision making locally.



CVA also suppports a number of other networks (add more blurb), including...





Young Londoners Fund





Croydon Refugee & New Communities Forum

CVA supports this independent, local and collaborative initiative, aimed at promoting migrant justice, voices and integration in Croydon. Over 40 refugee organisations meet together to discuss issues that impact the lives of refugees and work together to try to find positive solutions.




Croydon Green Network

In the Summer of 2021 a number of environmental groups in Croydon came together with the aim of increasing communication and collaboration,leading to the formation of an informal network which now meets regularly to share, discuss, plan and take action on sustainability issues.




CVA also brings residents together