Estate see’s filming of "Unforgotten" - Mainstreet Arlington Productions Ltd

Cambridge estate has a long history of filming from regular shoots for The Bill to the film Goodbye Charlie Bright and lately being a set for BBC three sitcom some girls. The latest to come to our popular estate is “Unforgotten

Shoot description
A mixed race couple live in a house on the estate (8 Burritt Road) and they are mentoring a young black teenager who lives in Oakington (Flat 4 for the interior and top landing for the exterior). The white woman has a past which she regrets when she was friendly with a racist man which was 30 years ago.
She has married a black man and is not a racist but the past comes out and she is ostracised by the boy and the football team that she and her partner mentor. Hence the racist graffiti on the garage door and her partner having a scuffle on the stairs in oakington with the young lad. She is forgiven in the end as all the people close to her realise that she is a good person, a story of redemption.

Location managers said working on the estate was enjoyable and thanked the residents for their cooperation. Crew and cast wait between takes.

filming 1filming 2