Saturday 25th June saw CRERA hold their Community Unity Day. With a grant from National Lottery we aimed to try and and bring members of the community together no matter their backgound, using it as an opportunity for the residents to meet up with each other and organisations they may not normally have connections with and to interact with the regeneration team. The theme of the day being that of cultures of the world the area of Piper Hall was transformed with flags and bunting with the sound of different music. The event being opened by singer Jess De Giudici regaling us with different songs in different languages from around the world to the closing of the event with a childrens entertainer, from bouncy castles to stalls educational games including where am I from, and food of the world their was almost something for everyone. Below you will find a selction of pictures from the day. But first we would like to say thank you to the following.

RBK, True Honor, Federation of Residents, Sikh Temple lower Marsh Lane, KRisp, Kingston Carers Network, Axe Capoeira Uk, YMCA Basement, Staywell, Kingston Furniture Project, Norbiton ,Kingston Town and North Kingston Children's centres and a special thank you to Cllr Linsey cottington, Dr Mike D'Souza, and the three ladies Gemma, Hayley and Nessa and the two young helpers Andrew and Cordelia Hall.


Picture 1. Sarb from True Honor and on the Punjabi food stall sits and shares food with one of the ladies from the African food stall.

Picture 2. CRERA members Senorita Cyn, Vice Chair Vanessa, Cllr Linsey Cottington and Dr Mike D'Souza work together on the English food stall, Tea and Coffee of the world and, Deserts of the world.

Picture 3. The taste of Africa food stall is very popular with the Residents and who could blame them with these three lovely ladies.


Picture 4 . Residents look in on the True Honor stall watching a Henna Tattoo being created.

Picture 5. India and Mexico have never been so close. The Punjabi food stall with Chris on the Mexican food stall.

Picture 6. Representing the U.S. Cowboy and CRERA Secretary Ray Brown prepares to mosey on out to keep the peace on the terrain.


Picture 7. RBK employees get in on the fun. Tony vs Mark let the match begin.

Picture 8. Oh dear neither can stay on their feet double count out.

Picture 9. Cambridge Estate Capoeira Kids show what they have learned (see our sister site for more information



Picture 10 - Kids show how to unify and work together to win a team event.

Picture 11 - Chair Harry Hall (Represnting Italy of old) gives the winners their awards.

Picture 12 - Girls just wann have fun and these little ones smile shows just that.



Picture 11 - Kids play on the Larger bouncy castle.

Picture 12 - An action shot as kids make use of the football shoot out.

Picture 13 - Kingston Carers Network enjoy their visit while people in the background network to make better connections.



Picture 14 - Kids play in the ball pit - always a hit.

Picture 15 - Gemma dresses as a October fest Beer wench to represent Germany.


Picture 16 - Ness sits and looks after the small children while represnenting Eqypt as Cleopatra.

Picture 17 - Hayley represents the far East dressed as a geisher girl.