wu shu def 3

Wu Shu oh dear think hes done                     the other guy aint having muck luck either    Wu Shu showing grace and poise

Wu Shu Spa                                                   Wu Shu Stick work 1                                      Wu Shu stick 2

Wu Shu showing more skills                          Wu Shu ouch 1 kid                                         Wu Shu ouch 2

Wu Shu ouch 3 ouch gets bigger                  Wu Shu ouch 4 even bigger                           Wu Shu the end

Bev helps the kids to play                               Ewen make another kid happy                   While the face painter works her magic

Friends compete on the bungee run             A glitter tattoo for this lucky girl                      Having fun on the castle with Nan

Hang on thats not what thats for - oh well      More play in the soft play area                     Even more play

And still more play                                         Happy mums as the children enjoy themselves