Saturday 25th April saw the first CRERA community day and while the turn out was low the people who did come had lots of fun.

Bouncy casle1soft play area1bouncy castle2

Kids have fun on castle                                  Fun in the soft play area                               Contemplating the slide to come

bungee rundecorate a biscuit6to9 sack race

Ready steady bungee run                              Decorate a biscuit                                         On your marks sack race go

entertainer and kid ballon swordbouncy castle 39 to 11 sack race

Mummy not happy at the ballon sword           More at the castle                                         Older kids get ready for their race

kids watching the racedanielle receiving her prizeSNT Come to visit

Kids watch the racers                                    Winner of the 9 to 11 gets her prize              Even the neighbourhood police come for fun

bouncy castle 4Awaiting woo shu displayCyn and Vanessa hard at work

Bouncy castle again                                      Waiting for Wu Shu                                         CRERA members working hard

woo shu1wuwu shu kid 1

Wu Shu Line up                                             Wu Shu show their stuff                                 Wu Shu Kid 

wu shu spa1wu shu spa2wu shu kid2

Wu Shu sparring                                            Wu Shu kids 2                                               Wu Shu Kids 3

wu shu def1wu shu def 2

Wu Shu defence 2 on 1                                 Wu Shu 2 guys coming unstuck