Latest update 15/07/2019

We are now trying to keep this page updated, all old news is now archived and this will be the main page for any news. No more tabs just this page updated to make it easier for us and you.

Welcome back. sorry we have been away but its hard to keep a web site going. Anyway as an update on CRERA postion on Regeneration. We still are trying to keep our position of staying neutral in the regeneration process. We will give the good and bad on regeneration and our fears and likes. We have been busy in the background. We will put any information below and number them so you can see any new information. We will try and keep up with this website as we as a community are facing the biggest few months in the estates history that will decide how our future will look.

4.CRERA will be producing a newsletter A.S.A.P. This will be a pre ballot newsletter which will highlight what CRERA thinks is good and bad. It will be uploaded here when done. But we are hoping the newsletter will prompt thought for residents and for the council to address our concerns.

3. CRERA visited Acton Gardens to have a look at a regeneration being done by Countryside. It was felt on the whole the regeneration was good but still there was some concerns. Below is a few pictures of the work being done in Acton.

actn 1 acton 2 acton 3 acton 4

2. As a result of the withdrawel the association has been having ongoing meetings with the council and the leader of the administration to discuss how we can best get the information needed to stop residents worries. This is ongoing work but positive answers are coming and we hope to have a lot of information tied down soon.

1. Just as an update in March this year CRERA made an announcement at Finance committee that they did not support the awarding of the contract to Countryside and as such did not support the rgeneration at that time. This was in response to residents not being able to scrutinse the contract contents.