Peter Skinner - ‘The Aletaster’    1945-2019

 Peter Skinner - ‘The Aletaster’  1945-2019

Peter Skinner was a member of Cranleigh Folk Club for over twenty years and was the Chairman for ten years. He had a lovely bass voice but needed encouragement to sing due (he claimed) to a limited repertoire but he made his rendition of ‘Hanging on the old barbed wire’ his signature song. He ran the club single-handed (except for periodic crises when we needed a new venue) including the raffle – but never took a prize when his ticket won.

He had the great distinction of being the honorary ‘Aletaster’ of the manor of Dedswell and Papworth (in Ripley), an historic role which entailed dressing up in smock and hat each year and checking that the ale was not watered down and the bread had not been bulked up – quite fitting for a folkie! Read more about it here.

He was well-connected and had many folkie friends; they would often turn up at the club to perform. As the chairman of our singarounds, he was laid back but affable and rarely missed a club night. He died in January 2019 and will be missed by us all.