We hope you’ll love your plot as much as we love ours. There’ll always be someone available if you have a question, to offer advice or swap seedlings – in fact that’s half the reason we come!

We have

-         A lovely community wildlife pond – get the kids to come along and see what they can find lurking in the water or under a leaf. Please supervise them. Do not let them throw stones into the pond.

-         A shared poly tunnel where you can get your seedlings sprouting

-         An annual Bonfire night extravaganza

-         Regular get togethers

-         Growing competition for the kids

-         And a lovely sharing community just waiting to answer your growing questions (and if they don’t have the answer they’ll know someone who does

To ensure we all get along there’s a few fairly obvious things its worth to bear in mind.

SAFETY FIRST - Allotments can be dangerous places

BONFIRES – Smoke makes some of us ill. They are a no-no and prohibited in the tenancy rules.

CHILDREN – We love to see the kids enjoying the site – who knows - they might be the next generation of allotmenteers. But to keep them safe, other people’s plots are out of bounds – you never know what’s on them that could cause a nasty accident. Children need supervision.

DOGS – Please keep on lead so that they don’t poo on other people’s plots or damage seedlings.

MAIN GATES – Keep them locked so people and property are secure.

MACHINERY – Lock it up when not in use.



-          Bringing rubbish on to the allotments.

-          Entering other plots without permission or taking produce.

-          Growing trees that may overshadow your neighbours’ plots.

-          Growing plants on an uncultivated/your neighbours’ plot

-          Letting rubbish accumulate.

-          Blocking roads with your vehicle. Park in the car park.

-          Using noisy machinery before 10 am and after 3pm.


-          Keep to pathways.

-          Mow shared pathways and trim overhangs.

-          Use nature/hedgehog friendly slug pellets



-          Bring your dry woody waste to the bonfire in November.

-          Come along to Tenants meetings and socialise at one of the BBQ’s.

-          Compost your green waste – it’s full of nutrients for your plants!

-          Leave surplus produce with a note at the end of your plot to share.